I’ve got no better title than that.

Yesterday was brutal, but brought to a close another very busy time period at work. I worked late, and when I got home I grabbed a quick nap before getting the veggies planted.


It’s not much this year, since I’ve gotten such a late start. (And I keep mint and dill in a box so that they don’t completely overtake the garden.) I need to plant one more thing, I thought I brought home a cayenne plant, but it turned out to be a hungarian wax pepper. I don’t know what the heck I’ll do with hungarian wax peppers, but we’ll see. Now it’s back to the shop for a cayenne, I can’t live without those!

In other garden news, the rhododendron is in, and I love it!


We are hoping that it covers that phone box nicely. To be honest I think it has the potential to grow rather large, and I think it’s planted too close to the house. However, I also have realized that Mr. Ink will generally come around to my way of thinking and fix it soon enough.

I believe my new rose got planted as well as a few other things yesterday, as I was working my way through the veggie garden. So, more pictures to come.

In knitting news, my big goal this week on the tibetan clouds stole was completed. I wanted to finish the center square. I finished it last night, and this morning I got it ready for the sides before work. I grabbed a quick photo. I think this is going to be really delightful once it’s done and blocked!


Miss Butterfly and I have been continuing to get her ready for camp. We’ve now gotten clothing labeled and everything set out for packing. Tomorrow night we’ll get it all in a suitcase ready to go. Today she gets to spend the day with her dad and her uncle in from out of town, as they go visit her great grandmother who has been doing poorly. I am getting the impression that great grandma is suspected to be at the end of life, though I am not sure Miss Butterfly knows it. Since she’s gone a good portion of the summer, I am glad she’s getting to spend some time with great grandma this week.

That is about it from this corner of the world, I don’t know if I’ll have any more interesting knitting pictures, but I’ll probably have more garden photos soon.