Couldn’t Resist

When I decided to only knit for a month, I knew that might be slightly difficult if the weather was particularly pleasant. And, quite frankly, holding myself to some self imposed monthly goal is a bit silly. So, when it was 81F and exceedingly pleasant last evening, and I had actual downtime, I pulled out my wheel and allowed myself about an hour of spinning last evening.


This is from a nunoco batt set I have in stash. It’s spinning up far nicer than the yellow and grey ones I had spun earlier. It’s smoother, and I love the rich tones.

I did also do a bit of knitting on my tibetan clouds stole. I am finding it to be a pleasant knit, but a bit complicated. I am very happy I didn’t bother with beads.

I didn’t get a photo of the new rose yet, it was looking a little bit shocked from going from the pot to the ground. I told Mr. Ink it looked “droopy” and he claimed it has always been droopy. I disagree. Not that droopy. But, a little shock is pretty normal.

We also had to remove our black tower elderberry, it was dying in the spot we had it in. I am not sure it’ll recover. But, Mr. Ink is going to try. I guess we are still looking for something appropriate in a spot that’s both boggy and shady. There’ll be SOMETHING out there! The ferns we have in there are doing well, and I just planted a toad lily there too. But we’d like to plant something larger.

In any case, I need to pick up a few plants tonight and then home to help Miss Butterfly pack for camp. We’ll do the final packing push tonight, even though she doesn’t leave until Sunday. I hate leaving it until the last minute, and there’s absolutely no reason in the world it cannot be taken care of early. (We’ve got clothing all pulled out and labeled and almost everything necessary is checked off the official list, so we are doing quite well!)

I guess I should check in on the list I created on Monday since I am really feeling like I’ve got this week under control!

3 thoughts on “Couldn’t Resist

  1. I can imagine why that spinning called you, it looks lovely. And 81 degrees sounds wonderful. We might get near there for today’s high, how nice that will be. I hope the good weather holds for the weekend but I am not holding my breath!

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