Sunday Update

We had a wonderful busy Saturday. That kind where so much gets done, and you just pretty much enjoy all of it.

We started with morning mowing. We knew it would be a hot day so we figured we’d get it out of the way. I tried something new, and something I really should have tried before this. You see, Mr. Ink and I have two mowers. We each brought one into the relationship. And it’s worked well for us, since I don’t mind mowing, I like the exercise, and it helps me feel like I am actually really helping with something practical in the yard. Now, I know I’ve been complaining about all the trees lately, and mowing around them. But, I don’t want to stop mowing, I want to keep helping.

So, it was much to my surprise yesterday when Mr. Ink talked about getting rid of his mower. “It’s too heavy” he said. “I repaired a plastic wheel last year and now another is broken.” He complained. I panicked, talking about how it’s nice to have two mowers and get the job done fast. He said “Oh, I’d get another!” So of course I tried to figure out how we would keep both. ┬áThen I remembered something. His mower is self propelled, even though it’s a feature he never uses. So, I agreed to switch mowers this weekend, and try the self propelled feature. And guess what? A self propelled mower zooms right around those trees nicely. The parts of the lawn Mr. Ink takes care of are on steep banks, and the self propelled feature doesn’t work well there. So, making the switch seems to have worked quite well.

We had some lunch, then headed to the plant store to pick up a few things. And browse. And take pictures of plants we may want in the future. It’s pretty much like going to a local yarn shop for us, but we both get to enjoy it. I brought home two more delphinium and a lily to add to my collection, in addition to that elusive cayenne pepper.

Then we were off to a friend’s home. He’s having surgery this week, and so was on call for work this weekend and couldn’t leave the house. We headed over there to visit with him, and drink his home brewed beer with him. He had 3 great delicious beers on offer, we tasted each and then chose one, and then sat and socialized with him and his girlfriend. Our social time has been severely lacking lately, and perhaps theirs as well, as evidenced in that all 4 of us introverts couldn’t stop talking.

Once back home we grabbed a quick nap, then I had some iced coffee, and we got back to work in the yard. It was hot and humid, so a bit miserable. But, I had stuff I really wanted to get done! I moved my purple coneflowers, they’d grown too large for the spot I’d put them in. I removed a large hosta to keep my delphinium clear. I planted my new lily, planted the pepper and another basil plant, and then watered everything and called it good. By the time Mr. Ink was done with his yard work it was late and we went out to dinner. (At 9:30 p.m.!)

I managed to enjoy a bit of knitting time and quite a bit of indoor clean up time in there as well. This morning I finished my mystery stole, so once that’s dry I can grab photos. I also started something new.


I took that wild and crazy yarn I was using last week and began a very simple mindless scarf. I think this will show off the yarn and not be too busy at all for it. It’s also fairly mindless, which is great since tomorrow I’ve got a day long training that I suspect I’ll be able to knit through if I keep it under the table. Plus, I needed something for today! I may be socializing again, amazingly enough. A girlfriend of mine decided she wanted a day at the lake so she’s invited a few cyclists out for a gravel bike ride and some lake time. I figure I’ll bring my knitting if I go.

That’s it from here, I am hoping we’ll have a dry mystery stole in short order because I am so eager to show it off!