This Week June 12-18

Last week:

  • Clean the outside of the fridge and microwave and keep up on other normal chores.
  • Get herbs and veggies and get them planted.
  • Weed rose of sharon garden bed. Again.
  • Finish center square on the tibetan clouds stole.
  • Work on final clue of mystery stole.
  • Commute by bike once this week.
  • Finish up the shopping for Miss Butterfly, and get her prepared and packed for camp.

I am not making excuses for the two that I didn’t get done!

Let’s talk instead about that mystery stole that I finished this weekend! You know what? I couldn’t have imagined a better way to pull it all together.

It turned out great, I really like it. And I enjoyed knitting it. It’s quite wide really, which will come in handy. The yarn is a high silk content merino, so it’s really very soft and drapey as well.

As for yarn use, I got VERY lucky. You may remember that I thought maybe I was pretty light on the green amounts, so I added in a bit of coral as well? At the end of the stole I had just enough green left to crochet the end in very carefully. Not even enough to use a darning needle for weaving in the end. And, I had less than half a row worth of the coral left. So, I really pushed it, but was also not terribly nervous because I figured I could easily throw in a bit of one of the other colors to make up for whatever I lacked. I just didn’t have to. So, because of the color differences, my stole is not symmetrical. But I don’t think it matters one bit. It’s still lovely. It still uses yarn I dyed by hand. It still uses up quite a lot of yarn from my stash. All things I expect out of my knitting right now.

For this week:

  • 3 more repeats on the sides of tibetan clouds, I have 3 repeats done on the first side. I need 8.5 before the final border charts. I am struggling with this one a bit. The lace is complicated, I can’t memorize it, and it’s not intuitive either. I need to look at the pattern for both sides, it’s not a straight purl back either. So, it’s slow going and I am tiring of it after 3 repeats. It goes on the list, and I can just keep after it until it’s done.
  • Clean out work bag! It’s a desperate situation at this point, I can’t find anything.
  • Commute by bike once this week. (Maybe this time I’ll get it done?)
  • Deep cleaning of the bathroom. I’ve been neglecting it. Mr. Ink has been doing so much planting that scrubbing down the walls feels pointless, as the next day there’s mud on them again. Sort of like the fridge door. But, this is NO excuse to fail to get the job done!
  • Some weeding of the rose of sharon garden bed? JUST SOME? Maybe the issue is that it feels overwhelming so I don’t even start.
  • Get photos of all the trees for 2017, and put them in an album for comparison next year.

Miss Butterfly is off at camp, and I’ll tell you what. I am already eager to go get her on Saturday. It’s so weird, her getting older. I don’t have that “I need a break desperately” feeling at all anymore!

That’s it from here! I’ve got a full day of work training (read full day of knitting) and am off to that in just a moment. I am oddly excited about this prospect!

7 thoughts on “This Week June 12-18

  1. That shawl is LOVELY! And your worries about having to join the two triangles from the first clue was for naught, that are so far from each other! I love the colors, and it is exciting that you used up so much of your stash, not even an inch left on some of it. 🙂

    Yes, pull ONE weed from the Rose of Sharon garden, and it will get done. 🙂 This weekend I went out with all intention of cultivating the unused raised bed that my sister in law won’t be using this year. But when I got there – volunteer cilantro and morning glories! So I carefully cultivated around them, and it looks a mess. But it is better than it was, right? And we will have cilantro this summer! I will go work on it some more not that I know something good is growing there.

    SO nice that you miss Miss Butterfly when she is gone – a true sign of changes. But don’t be surprised if the “needing a break” thing comes back in a couple of years. I hope she loves camp! 🙂

    • It’s so dry and hot here that the ground is cracked in the rose of sharon bed. Which means that the weeds are SUPER difficult to pull, and the roots don’t come up, so I am positive that they’ll just come back. BUT, we got a surprise rain storm this morning. So, tonight might be the night for that chore, hot and humid as it will be.

      Nice job on the raised bed! It’s already too hot here for cilantro, it never sticks around long once the heat begins, even if it’s in the shade. I say any progress in the yard is still progress.

      • We are having a spell of hot weather (not a heat wave, we won’t get over 90 for three days) of the humid variety, so nothing is dried out. But I think the weather is supposed to cool off in a few days – I figured if I got something done in the heat, then I would feel more inclined to do it when it cools off, keep the momentum going. We shall see. And as for cilantro – it doesn’t last long here, either, it bolts so fast! But since it volunteered, I will give it a chance. 🙂

  2. This is just so odd. Karen at PUmpkin just mentioned a chiffarobe. I told her my mother in law always said that word. I also told her I have had her on my mind because we have a tiny rose of sharon we transplanted from our glenview home and it is failing here. So I spent the last hour, I kid you not, at the hardware store looking for something meaningful to replace it. I want something that reminds us of her. SO I was thinking of all her words and things she loved. I dont have the item yet, but it is uncanny that Pumpkin Sunrise just posted Chiffarobe and Next i read your post on ROse of Sharon. Helen, my mother in law, is trying to tell me something!!! Dont you think so?
    GO ahead and miss your girl. Its normal and wonderful. She’s having a blast.

    • That’s so cool, she wants to be on your mind today. Did she like hydrangeas? Another nice old fashioned flower that is still entirely pertinent today.

  3. I usually can motivate myself to work on a ‘horrid’ chore by setting a timer for 2 minutes (a literal two) and going till the end of the timer. Usually that’s enough to get me going on it.

    • I could try that! I generally set a timer for 30 minutes, but some days even that’s a bit daunting. I can totally manage 2 minutes.

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