Why I Spin

No, don’t expect some philosophical thoughts on the subject. I am going to show you in a picture.


This is why I spin. To create yarn with colors that move in interesting and unpredictable ways. I absolutely love knitting with handspun, as I find it endlessly fascinating.

The yarn on this project is this recent handspun:


I really liked the way it turned out, and so I found a project I was hoping would be fairly intuitive and easy. The pattern is called Fiona, and at least at this stage I am not finding it particularly intuitive. It’s easy knitting, but I do have to keep following the pattern. So it’s not one I can have out and about.

Since we are volunteering tonight and I suspect there’ll be knitting time, I cast on another project yesterday. I had this great yarn of Miss Marja’s, it’s sort of scrappy with tons of different samples all spun into a 2 ply yarn. So I figured a fun linen stitch cowl would work perfectly. I don’t have a picture yet, I just don’t have quite enough on the needles to show it of in any big way. Hopefully tomorrow.

Our volunteer project is outdoors in the sun, so I am exceedingly thankful that our high today is supposed to be 82 only. It’ll be an amazing evening to be forced to be outside. Since the recent storm, there’s tons of volunteer opportunities this weekend, and I’ve been wishing I could fit more in. But since we’d already committed to this one, this is the one we’ll have to stick with even though it isn’t my favorite type of event. I’ll take some pictures.

As for now, I think it’s time I get some outdoor work done! Might as well take advantage of this lovely weather while it’s here.

2 thoughts on “Why I Spin

  1. Handspun.. I now need to delve into ….your shawl colors are amazing! Good for you for volunteering! It is so important. We have 3 busy days this week with the Barn and the Barn benefit. im happy to help!

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