I was rifling through my stash again recently, and pulled out a few skeins of handspun. You see, I have this serious problem with figuring out what to do with low yardage skeins. I think this is because I really don’t love knitting hats. Hats are the perfect thing to knit with a low yardage skein of handspun. But, I refuse to do that. Instead, I have done my best to purchase larger amounts of fiber when I want to create thicker yarns, rather than be stuck with a small skein.

But, it’s also really pleasant to knit something quickly. As long as that something isn’t a hat, that is. So, when rifling through the stash I was trying to pull out some low yardage handspun skeins.

I pulled out this one:


This is falkland top from a spun right round fiber club I joined awhile back. It’s heavier than worsted weight yarn, and I only had 150 yards. So, I chose the Anthro-Inspired scarflet which claims to use 120 yards of aran weight yarn.

It’s moving right along.


I snapped this photo early last evening, but have worked my way through the neck portion now and will start the end shortly. If I’ve enough yarn leftover at the end, I will probably crochet a flower for it. I think it’s pretty cute. I don’t know that I’d wear it, so it will likely go in the pile of things to gift to people who would choose to do so. However, it’s been fun knitting it for sure.

I have completely given up on the idea of finishing Tibetan Clouds before Tour de Fleece. I mean, I think I did mention that if the weather was going to be pleasant, I was going to be spinning on the patio despite the fact that this is a month of knitting. With a high of 75 today, a high of 80 tomorrow, and a high of 76 on Sunday I plan to be spinning on that patio when I can!

The “under the weather” feeling FINALLY turned into something. I was getting concerned after 3 days of one side of my neck being swollen and VERY painful, with no other symptoms other than feeling a bit “off.” But yesterday evening I could feel it turning into a sinus infection. Finally something to account for that lymph node going strange on me. The painful neck symptom is much improved today. Still irritating, but I don’t have to take ibuprofen to get through the day. While a sinus infection is no treat, it’s far preferable to that sore neck I’ll tell you. That also explains why my brain was feeling foggy and I didn’t want to work on the complicated tibetan clouds! Just give me a bunch of plain knitting and I’ll muddle through!

Happy Friday folks! We are certainly pleased we made it through this week!

6 thoughts on “Inspired?

  1. That is a lovely skein and a cute wrap! I had no idea you didn’t like making hats! What is it you don’t like about them?

    Wow it sounds like your heat wave has broken, very lovely weather, and yes, spin and knot outdoors while you can.

    • Oh man, do I ever hate knitting hats. I do it from time to time, but I resent it pretty much the entire time. At one point early in my knitting life, I would farm out that job. Like, I’d make trades. You knit me a hat out of my yarn, I knit you a shawl out of your yarn. And, I got a ton of hats that way. So now I rarely even need to knit them.

      The thing I hate about them is that they hurt. I’ve had tendinitis in my wrists since high school. The decreases on hats ALWAYS make that flare up when I keep it under pretty decent control otherwise.

      I could not be happier about the upcoming weather. I think we deserve the break! I had to make sure that Miss Butterfly packed some long sleeve shirts, could get chilly at night at camp!

      • That is interesting! Hey, if you ever need to make that deal again, let me know, I have no problem making hats, I have made hundreds of the things. And I would love a shawl! 😉

        Yes you do deserve the break. I don’t want heat per se but we sure could use some sunshine. For more than a day or two at a time. I am off today and was hoping to get some yard work done, but it’s been rainy and drizzly. And now that means it is humid again. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow… I bet Miss B thought you were crazy giving her long sleeves!

  2. That handspun is so pretty. Perfect marraige of handspun and pattern. Ive been under the weathe rtoo. UTI in the busiest week of june. Im finally resting . I did weed for a good hour this a.m. So thats it for today. Rest read knit. Repeat

    • I Do hope that you spend a good amount of time resting now, you deserve the break! I keep going to work though I would like to take a day off. Unfortunately, it just feels kind of busy at the moment and stuff keeps popping up that I don’t want to miss. I would if I were knock down drag out sick, but I am at that point where I can muddle through a little fogbrained.

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