A Surprise

I finished a thing! Actually, I’ve been knitting on it for awhile at work during my break, and just didn’t realize it was finish length until yesterday lunchtime. Once lunch was over, I stuffed it in my bag and cast off when I arrived home.


This is a very soft scarf out of handspun 2 ply I created out of rolags Miss Marja made for me. Here’s the in progress photos:

I chose a very simple stitch pattern since the yarn was very busy, and I really like how it turned out. I also probably used needles a little too large for the yarn, which makes it extra soft, while still being able to accommodate the large chunky pieces.

I have plenty more yarn left for a matching hat and maybe even a pair of fingerless mitts. We’ll have to see.

I grabbed a photo of one of the garden areas last evening, since the balloon flowers are blooming nicely and the allium is beginning to bloom as well. Unfortunately, the spiderwort which has been blooming nicely isn’t blooming in the evenings when I can grab a photo. The 3 trees Mr. Ink planted last year have grown considerably this year. It’s very exciting!


The blank area to the right is a sad moment where Mr. Ink pulled what he thought was a weed, but it turned out to be his double balloon flowers. They didn’t survive the resulting replanting. I am so glad I am not the only one who does that! He’s added a couple more plants to this garden this year, so next year it’ll look different yet again. Those balloon flowers though, they are really quite amazing and prolific at the moment.


And I snapped a photo of the first of my calla lilies. This is the first year planting them, and I just bought a mix so I don’t know what all I’ll get. But this first pink one is very gorgeous!

That’s about it from around here today. I am still fighting off the sinus infection, and while the weekend was pretty good because I could rest, Monday was tough, as I was truly exhausted during the second part of work and after work. Practically useless. Which leaves me a bit nervous about tonight’s event. I am just not sure I’ll have the energy for it. We’ll have to see.


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