Happy First Day!

Happy first day of TdF, spinners!

I woke up ridiculously early for no apparent reason, and haven’t spun yet. Just enjoying my knitting on a new project while drinking coffee.


It’s the pioneer braid scarf, and I am really enjoying it. The yarn is Miss Marja’s handspun, and I KNEW it would look amazing with this pattern, but it’s wow worthy! Hard to quit knitting to get my spinning on when I just want to see the color progression a bit more.

I get to pick Miss Butterfly up from camp today, and Mr. Ink has received more work than the week can handle, so heads in to work today. We did not mow the lawn last night, but that was at Mr. Ink’s decision, not my inability to get motivated. I did run errands, and I did iron and hem the new kitchen curtains. I also didn’t need a nap after work so I think I am finally on the mend!

We had another storm last night, not particularly strong and quite short lived, but it left us with this:


A double rainbow over the garage! Now that’s a storm I can appreciate. It may have rained overnight again, things are quite soggy and cool at the moment out there. Hard for me to tell though.

I also snagged a photo of a new day lily. I got these last year from a friend.


This yellow is a much lighter, creamier yellow than the yellows I already had. For comparison:


I think I am going to keep the yellows separate, and build a different day lily garden area for those which I am holding in the lawn.

That’s it from here! I am awake TOO early, but the coffee is delicious. Enjoy your weekend friends!

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