So, Miss Butterfly flew out this morning at 6. She’d gone with her father to a party, and I didn’t even stay up until she got home, I put Mr. Ink on bedtime duty. Unfortunately, sleep was well interrupted by fireworks all over the neighborhood. Then, I was woken up when Mr. Ink came to bed at 12:40, then again woken up when he decided an hour later that he couldn’t sleep without a shower. Then woken about an hour after that with a smoke detector battery that was failing. After that? I was pretty much wide awake with a headache. I had to get up at 3:30 anyhow so I gave up on the attempt to sleep, as all it resulted in was a massive headache.

Miss Butterfly is winging her way across the country as we speak, she’s made it to St. Louis and will get into Philly before lunchtime if all goes well. I am glad she’s got the opportunity to go and she’s really looking forward to it, but I didn’t want to send her. I am becoming a very selfish mother.

We’ve got a lot of people off this week at work, so I am at work on about 2 hours uninterrupted sleep. However, it’s also very slow, so I admit I am hoping that I’ll have the opportunity to skip out early and go home and nap. We have an event to go to tonight, one we won’t miss, so it would be nice to get a nap in.


But! I finished the singles for my first TdF project, so I can get my plying on soon!