TdF Day 4

A day off did me well, I finished plying my green batts. I was even able to get them hung out to dry after a surprise rainstorm in the afternoon. I now have 840 yards of a 3 ply DK weight yarn.


It’s quite lovely! One side is certainly greener than the other, but it does have a nice overall consistency. Best of all? I had two very nice open spots in my yarn storage for it, I didn’t even have to rearrange.

We had a very low key day yesterday. Yoga, spinning, knitting, gardening. Mr. Ink had a nice long nap, I listened to audio books. I began spinning this:


This is Crown Mountain Farms (RIP!) polwarth top, and I’ve got a pound of it. It’s the last CMF I have in stash, which is sad. But, I also really wanted to do another longer project. You see, I am headed to Okoboji again this weekend and I want to take something that won’t require me to bring a niddy noddy or anything extra. Just bobbins. Many bobbins. I am not sure how much spinning time I’ll have, I am going this time to meet up with my friend and the lake house owner. We’ve never actually been to the lake at the same time. So, I am sure she’ll have some plans along the way. My stay will be brief, I am not taking an extra day off or anything. But it also should be nice and relaxing and pleasant. And I am trying not to think about the 10 hours in the car round trip as lost spinning time. Rather in terms of necessary for experiences gained.

That’s about it from here! Hoping to have some spinning on the new green project to show off tomorrow. I love a good TdF!

3 thoughts on “TdF Day 4

  1. Somehow I missed this post – but the green looks awesome and the lake sounds like loads of fun! You will have some spinning time, I am sure. 🙂 And I love that finished yarn of yours. Such a pretty aqua green!

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