Just Keep Spinning

A number of months ago, a good friend of mine moved away to help care for her mom in another state. It was quite sad. This is a friend who does a pretty good job at hauling me out from under my rock of introversion, and her presence has absolutely been missed.

So, when I heard that she’d purchased a home back here for her and her mom, I couldn’t have been happier! She’ll be moving back next month, and last night we got together with a bunch of friends, toasted the new house, and welcomed her back home. It was a very pleasant evening and I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile as well.

So, I didn’t have a lot of spinning time. Once we’d gotten home from dinner out, I did yoga, and almost fell asleep halfway through. It was a little too relaxing.

The bulk of the spinning on the new green project was actually done the evening of the 4th. Here it is!


I think it’s quite charming! The colors are very nice, and the yarn is going to be perfectly bouncy. That wool has a lot of life in it, as polwarth often does.

Tonight is an evening in, doing laundry and packing for Okoboji this weekend. I am hoping to leave directly from work tomorrow, as to maximize my time there. I am anticipating much spinning, catching up, and looking at the lake. I’ll take a bit more spinning with me JUST in case. But, I am pretty certain that this green project will take at least the entire weekend if not longer. It has been awhile since I’ve tried to spin a pound of fiber.

3 thoughts on “Just Keep Spinning

  1. Oh, what good news to get a friend back! AND you have a lakeside weekend? Is this the same place you went last year? It looked lovely and peaceful.

    Have a wonderful weekend and keep spinning the green, it is so pretty! A POUND? I can’t wait to see the yardage you have on that. It will be enough to do something serious with. 🙂

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