Current Status

Current Status: Tired of Green.


This is how my third bobbin looks. I’ve 4 more ounces of the green to spin. I haven’t even been working on it much, but my hands ache and fall asleep when I am spinning. I blame the gardening. But I also rarely spin this much either lately. I am more likely to cut the spinning with a little knitting.

Over the weekend while I was away, Mr. Ink got me a truck load of mulch for my veggie garden. I approached this with both enthusiasm and trepidation. I mean, it is hot! And, it seemed like a big job and I was away all weekend and gardening. So, I wanted to do the job, but then, I also really didn’t. When I got home from work though, I fully prepared myself for the job. And then Mr. Ink said “The lawn probably needs mowing.” I don’t love quick changes like that, so I said “THE LAWN CAN WAIT!!!!” Which solidified the idea that I was going to get that mulching done.

I had a good laugh when I headed out doors and Mr. Ink followed. He must feel rather invested in that veggie garden now, because he was all “Are you going to weed it first? Are you going to tie up those tomatoes?” This is so highly unusual, he generally lets me get on with a job with no interference. In fact, I have to ask his opinion so often. I told him “Enough with your suggestions! I know how to do this. But you are welcome to help.” And so he helped make sure it was completely weed free before I mulched.


I grabbed a quick photo this morning. Mulch really does make a garden look complete.

Now on to other fun things. I picked up a few bits and bobs out in okoboji, mostly for the garden. At my favorite garden center I got this owl who glows in the dark and holds up one of my delphinium:


I also picked up this spinning metal flower:


Then my friend took me to an art shop she thought I’d like. I thought it was unlikely I’d like it, but she was so right! It was a great shop with a HUGE variety and a wonderful variety of prices of items from each artist she featured. I got this copper butterfly that I adore!


And, I got myself a new “spindle bowl.” At least, that’s what it is serving as at the moment.


The glaze on this is so interesting! I love it. I did put a little something on a spindle with it last evening, so I’ll have to grab a photo of that tonight.

Meanwhile, I’ve got flowers blooming. We are clearly in purple season because the tall phlox are going like gangbusters, and I’ve got about the same color bee balm blooming now. This is year one for the bee balm, we love it, but we want to plant red in there with it. Also, bonus hibiscus that we got last year that has made it through the winter beautifully and is ready to bloom in the near future!

I guess I said I was tired of green. That clearly only applies to spinning. The greens of my garden are spectacular.