Status Update: Still sick of green, but making progress even so.


That’s one pound of green singles done photographed on a rainy morning.

I have been going to bed late and not able to catch up on sleep the past few days. This has made me highly grumpy for 2 evenings, much to the chagrin of everyone around me. Namely, Mr. Ink. I went to bed quite early last night, but only after making sure that these singles were done. Pretty sure another evening creating a pound of singles was going to do my mood right in.

My exhaustion is currently exacerbated by back problems. I mean, at some point during the night it becomes quite painful to sleep, so I end up losing sleep that way too. I do hope everything resolves itself soon.

And then there’s work. While my particular job is going through a quick time of quiet, which is unusual, our group as a whole is still quite busy, which means I keep getting dragged into tasks that aren’t mine in any way. Now, I don’t mind helping out, I really don’t. What I do mind is working on a project with half the information, given to me at the very last minute, disrupting my entire day. And…I’ve had at least 2 weeks of that now.

So, I used my personal job’s slow time as an excuse to take tomorrow off. I mean, I can’t be forced to do something that’s not my job if I am not at work, right? (That wasn’t supposed to sound like a challenge.) So, maybe a day off and some time to nap will set me a bit further to rights.

I am back to being uninspired about TdF, and I can’t tell if that’s just busy and exhaustion combining, or if it’s the green. All the green. But, I did begin plying the project this morning, and at least it’s a change. Pretty sure this will be my final TdF project in the end, as I’ve only got one more week to spin, then my tour is over. Maybe I’ll get an opportunity to begin another project, but I doubt I’ll get something completed.

3 thoughts on “Status

  1. I love the shades of green, but whole heartedly agree that when you’ve got 2 or more pounds of the same color it’s boring. I’m working on a 3.5 lb set of batts that are variegated but still it’s the same thing for days and days.

  2. if it is any consolation, the green is really pretty. And once you finish it and tuck it away for a while, you will like it again, I am pretty sure.

    Sorry about your back and work conspiring to make you grumpy – and glad you are smart enough to take a day off to have some attitude readjustment time. It’s the perfect time of year for it, and it can be guilt -free because you are slow at work. 🙂

    I am not going to finish my 36 ounces of fiber in the TDF, but I knew that was a strong possibility – I wanted to make a good start on it, and I think I will have done that by the time the tour wraps up next week. And I still am liking my colors (each ply is so different, I don’t get bored with it the way you did with all one color) so that helps. But it is a LOT! We must be masochists.

  3. Oh dear. Back issues that interfere with sleep are really crummy. I’m so sorry. Wouldn’t a massage be nice? If you were here, I’d get in the hottub with you and we’d have a glass of Skinny Girl Margarita too. Both help with back issues! Too dah loo

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