Progress Update

Progress update: Slightly less sick of green.


Because I am closing in on halfway done with the plying already!

The plying really has helped refresh my enthusiasm for this project, mostly because it’s going so well, and while the greens are fairly subtle, the plying gives the yarn more depth of color and tone. I feel like I could have this done tomorrow even!

With today off, I sorta forgot about blogging. I got up early and had breakfast with Mr. Ink. He struggled with the same thing I struggle with when he’s off and I am headed to work. He wanted to play hooky. But he went into work like the responsible adult he is. I think we really have to plan a little vacation time where we are off and at home at the same time, we really enjoy that.

Once he left for work I did some plying on the patio because despite the fact it was humid, it wasn’t grossly hot yet. As it warmed, I thought I’d better get a walk in before it got hot enough to lose inspiration, so I did that. Then I actually got ready for my day and headed out to do chores, like the DMV for my motorbike registration.

Miss Marja is off today too, so I’ll scoop her up in a bit for a little shopping that I’d planned to do by myself but would be more fun with company. I’ve got quite a bit of shopping to do prior to vacation so I might even do more shopping after that. Those who know me would be surprised. It’ll be less surprising if I can’t do it all in one day, as I really do not LIKE shopping at all. I’d rather be at home. But, needs must so we’ll see how inspired I am to get it all done prior to the official start of the weekend.

I leave you with this picture:


As you know, Miss Butterfly is out east with my parents. Pictures have been few and far between, likely because they are busy doing stuff. But my father snapped this photo of her spending time with her little cousin who hasn’t seen her in a year. He’s only 3, so likely doesn’t remember her from last year. My ┬ámom said that he stared at her like she was an angelic being, and spent all his time by her side or on her lap. Miss Butterfly thinks he’s the cutest too. I am glad they are getting the opportunity to spend time together. And I can’t wait to see him on vacation!

That’s it for me today, have a great one and enjoy your weekend!