Status Update

Status Update: Done. And so worth it!


I am not even trying to hide the ties or put it in a pretty yarn mound. It’s just way too much yarn for that. 1225 yards of 2 ply yarn. It’s a fingeringweight yarn, though leaning toward the heavy side I’d say. I love it. It was worth it. I am glad I bought a pound of the stuff.

We had a little gathering of friends for a game night yesterday. A game night combined with Mr. Ink spending time giving a tour of the garden to a friend who will be making sure our plants stay watered over our upcoming vacation. I had to really work on cleaning up the house, I’ve certainly let it slide since Miss Butterfly left for the east coast. The place looks great, and I breathe a sigh of relief every time I go into the bathroom and everything is clean and tidy!

Of course, after game night (in which we lost at Pandemic, even though we were SO CLOSE to a win!) I looked around the kitchen destroyed with dirty dishes from dinner and snacks and empty cans and bottles and I was happy. I said to Mr. Ink “I am not sure why, but while I hate cleaning up the kitchen day to day, I LOVE cleaning up the kitchen after a social gathering.” So, I thought on that for awhile, and I think it’s because the rest of the house is nice and tidy. I mean, we aren’t young adults, there aren’t red solo cups throughout every room, and it’s never a rip roaring party. Things are tidy, and all I really have to concentrate on is the kitchen. It’s lovely.

In any case, Saturday was a pretty good day. Full of spinning and cleaning and preparing for a social gathering. And today promises to be pretty good as well, full of quiet if I have any say in it!

I’ll leave you with this:


My missouri evening primrose, blooming beautifully this morning. This is one of those flowers I got from a coworker who needed to split hers. It’s also one which I tried to pull out as a weed, and then when I realized what I had done I became So Sad. I just love these so much! And they love our hard clay soil as well, since they are native to this area, even me trying to weed it didn’t get rid of it.

4 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. I love your handspun so much. Sometimes I get into the Cleaning Warrior mode. Get outta my way, I am a bit OCD before guests come. My mom jokingly always said you clean AFTER the party, not before. She didn’t live by that though !

  2. That green is as gorgeous as it promised to be. You are going to make something fabulous with it, I just know it! And you got so much of it! The evening primrose is beautiful. We have a similar plant that grows wild around here – just plain old evening primrose – quite tall, but the same lovely yellow. I regularly pull them out of the driveway, but try to leave some along the edges, this time of year they are so pretty. Glad you had a fun game night, and that only the kitchen was a mess afterwards. 🙂 Hoe you had a quiet Sunday! When does Miss Butterfly return?

    • Thanks! I can’t believe the yardage, it really is quite a lot.

      We have been battling an invasive style primrose, (Showy evening primrose) on the front bank. It’s gorgeous, but it spreads so fast by both root and seed. If it only spread by root, we’d probably find a way to contain it, but with it showing up in other parts of the gardens unwanted, we’ve decided to wage the war. Last year it seemed never ending. This year we are making progress. So, it’s really nice to have the missouri one to look at, and not worry about invasion. They need to be divided, but they are no more problematic than any other plant.

      Miss Butterfly comes home with us at the end of our vacation, so fairly soon! I am eager to see her.

      • That is almost a sweater quantity, isn’t it? Or at least a HUGE shawl or several scarves…

        When Mom was over last week, she identified an invasive that we have in the yard – colts foot. I should have known it was, it is doing so well in the gravel! So now I am attacking it more than I had in the past. Sigh. It seems a never ending battle, doesn’t it?

        Glad you get your girl back soon! And that you get a vacation, too. I am looking forward to mine in September, I can say that!

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