I did begin some more spinning for TdF yesterday even though I thought I might not after the epic 1225 yard 2 ply yarn was complete. I took out a 4 oz. batt and got it started. I’ll take photos tonight I think. But, I don’t want to talk spinning today, I want to take a break.

I decided to pull out a skein of handspun and see what could be done with it. It’s this skein:


It’s from a fat cat knits batt, and I do think it’s quite lovely. I settled on the spectra scarf, as I’ve wanted to knit that for a long while and I thought it might be the perfect pattern to knit on vacation. Relatively easy to memorize, the colors make it not boring, I thought it might be Just Enough.

I decided to pair it with a skein of sock yarn I’ve had in my stash for absolutely ever. 10 years.


And it looked ok. But, I thought maybe the sock yarn was a little bit subtle for my taste. I wasn’t sure it framed the handspun well enough to show it off. I went to my stash, pulled out a few more skeins of contrasting yarn, and pulled Mr. Ink in for his opinions. He’s got a great artistic eye, and so sometimes I use him to confirm what I think might be the best option. I let him make the choice, subtle or bold, and if bold, which bold. He picked what I had already chosen in my head, confirming the next step.


It’s a win! It’s bold, and it’s far more interesting than the subtle option.

I can tell I am going to get a ton of use out of this pattern. After all, I couldn’t resist finding yet another bold color contrast to pair with handspun. I started another!


This one is rather watermelon like. The handspun part is Miss Marja’s yarn, the green is an almost full skein of dyeabolical’s strong arm skinny leftover from a sweater I made ages ago.

I tucked the red one in the bag I’ll be taking on vacation, along with the very beginning of a sock for the most mindless knitting moments and kept the green one out to work on in spare moments. I’ll probably throw it in my suitcase as a back up knitting, JUST IN CASE the strangest thing happens and I have so much knitting time I barrel through the red option.

I still cannot decide if I am going to take a little fiber and a support spindle or not. My thoughts are that I am unlikely to use it much. But, doing so would mean I could continue on in TdF, even if it’s at a limited capacity. Maybe I will throw it in there, can’t hurt.

That’s about it from here for me. Had a great weekend, made all the more fantastic by being longer than normal, and I feel pretty refreshed and ready for the busy start to the week. Hope everyone else has been as fortunate!

6 thoughts on “Rethinking

  1. I thought the first choice was pretty enough, but the second and third choices – BANG! So much better!!!! I can’t wait to see them all finished and blocked by the time you return from vacation, lol.

    • It’s Stephen West’s Spectra pattern. I’ve had it in my queue for ages, but never got around to knitting it. Once I read the pattern notes on Ravelry, I realized that it’s an easy to memorize pattern, and that seemed to be perfect for a trip. I hope I get pretty far on them though, as once I get home I’d like to finish up that Tibetan Clouds stole finally!

      • It looks like a great pattern to show case handspun. I think I will add it to my ridiculously long queue. đŸ™‚

        I haven’t a plan to start Tibetan Clouds yet, though I got the pattern. I am suddenly completely smitten with Durrow, and doing it in a hand dyed gradient. I have to swatch so I can see what the yardage is for each section, and then talk to my local indie dyer about how we will do this crazy project. But that is for the fall. I have too many things on the needles right now, I need to clear some of them up.

      • Durrow is on my list too! Though I have put it at the bottom, because it looks complicated and I am going to need that time where it’s the perfect brain space to tackle such a thing. It is so pretty!

      • I think it will be complicated but since you do the border one square at a time, frogging will be targeted. Wait until you see the yarn i use! I think it will be amazing.

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