More Handspun

I finished up that fat cat knits batt last evening, and it was dry this morning!


It’s rather interesting! I do love all the bits and bobs. I have 265 yards of 2 ply on this one.

I began spinning some of the orange batts I made awhile back on my wheel. I am not thrilled to pieces with the color, but I have to admit that the batts are scrumptious to spin. It’s these:


I also tucked a few away in my carry on bag along with a support spindle in case I decide I want to actually finish up TdF. I mean, even 10 minutes a day in the upcoming days would do it!

I also grabbed a quick photo of where I am in the knitting of the green spectra scarf. Because it’s too pretty not to grab a photo of!


I packed the red one to work on during the plane ride itself, but I don’t know, I might have to switch! This one is too charming to put down! This is my last day of work before vacation and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. I got some shopping done last night, picked up 3 pairs of capris. However, I tried to do that trick where I try on one pair, like them, and pick the same cut in different colors. Got them home and realized that 2 out of 3 don’t fit all that well, so I may head back tonight to return them. Blech. I hate shopping, and sometimes my shortcuts become longcuts. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

But mostly tonight I need to be working on laundry so I can get packed! So much laundry. ALL the laundry.

Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!