Phone Post

Well, I never use my phone to write a blog post, but I didn’t bring my computer on vacation, so here goes. Please excuse typos and autocorrect though I will attempt to proof read. I took a few quick photos. First and foremost, I haven’t stopped spinning. Granted, on Thursday, my spinning was 10 minutes at the wheel at 520 am. This morning though, I got a little spindle spinning done. 

Thursday evening was spent at my sister in laws home. It was lovely as usual. She’s trained her son to be her sous chef, so I snapped a photo of a master at work. I was very impressed with his chopping skills. As a food processor owner, I never build these skills. 

Friday I grabbed the T to get me closer to my family, and my dad and brother picked me up. Very convenient. Got to the reunion, got to see Miss Butterfly and my nephew who followed her around quite a lot. My brother and his family had traveled all night since the roads are less crowded and their kids will sleep. However, my nephew was so tired but fighting sleep hard. We finally got him to sleep in the hammock. I snapped a photo because he totally looks like vacation. 

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