Last Day

It’s my last day of vacation and a busy one too, but should be pleasant. We’ll be heading to a birthday party to play pub trivia. I’ve never played before, but I think it’ll be a good time!

Yesterday not a ton was done in the crafting department, but I did manage to finish spinning the orange singles.


I did some on my wheel, and some on the support spindles while on vacation. There’s quite a lot, I think I had about 7 ounces to begin with? So, it’ll be a longish plying project as well. However, when I woke up this morning, the weather on the patio was beautiful. That’s unusual for a summer out here, it’s almost always too humid and hot already to hang out on the patio in the morning, which also gets morning sun.


I got a fair amount done while enjoying my cup of coffee.

Let’s see if I can pull out a few more vacation pictures. On Monday, when we headed back up to Boston to visit with Mr. Ink’s family, it was cold and raining. It rained all day long, and so our plans for mountain biking and beach time were a complete bust. Instead, we wandered off to Harvard Museum of Natural History. We wanted to check out a lovely display of glass flowers. These models were made in the 19th century and were used for teaching botany. They were incredibly beautiful and it was so difficult to tell that they were glass.

Pictures were hard to get since these were in glass cases under lower light.

Of course, once in the museum we continued to look around, and I enjoyed looking at bugs as well.


Easily as beautiful and colorful as flowers, if you ask me!

That evening we had dinner on the porch. It got so cold that we all had to bundle up with blankets, and at some point in the evening, we realized we could see our breath. Quite an odd feeling in the summer for someone who lives in the midwest!

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