This Week, July 31-August 6

I’ve neglected my lists lately. Things got busy and I forgot, then when I remembered, it was about time for vacation and I wasn’t about to work on lists then! So, at the end of this post will be a list for the week.

But, first let me show off my last vacation finished object.


412 yards of worsted weight yarn from batts I made myself. I think it’s an interesting color. It seems rather neutral in person. Not my favorite color, but I think it has its place.

A few more vacation photos, on Wednesday we went to Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. That place is HUGE! We walked and walked, I ended up with 20K steps that day, and we didn’t even remotely see all of it. Mr. Ink checked out the trees he specifically wanted to see, and we beelined for those. At some point we wandered into the area with all the rhododendrons. There was a small rocky stream, and Miss Butterfly and I had a great time doing some creek stomping. It was humid there, and the cold water felt amazing!

I am back at work for the first time in a week and a half. It’s tough! But I’ll keep busy and the day should fly by.

In the meantime, here’s a list:

  • 1 repeat on Tibetan Clouds stole
  • One bike ride with friends
  • Back to school shopping with Miss Butterfly
  • Work on new spinning project (will explain more tomorrow.)
  • Do ALL THE THINGS in my planner that are work related and not work related. There are quite a few. I am hoping to do them and NOT postpone any of them since that will really help next week look a bit slower.

2 thoughts on “This Week, July 31-August 6

  1. I think the color is a beautiful warm neutral, like amber, honey, and fall. Something like that is a great compliment to everything else when you want to feel more cozy.

  2. I agree with you about the yarn – I think it is lovely, but not my color. Still, I have learned with all the spinning and knitting, etc, that sometimes “not my color” is the perfect foil for my favorite colors. 🙂 Or that it is perfect to knit up for a gift to someone whose color it absolutely is. 🙂 Mr. Ink is still checking out trees, huh? You will be able to start your own arboretum in a few years!

    I hope you have a good day at work and are able to get through all the things in your planner so that next week can not feel too hectic. 🙂

    It’s good to have your back.

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