This Week August 7-13

From last week:

  • 1 repeat on Tibetan Clouds stole
  • One bike ride with friends
  • Back to school shopping with Miss Butterfly
  • Work on new spinning project (will explain more tomorrow.)
  • Do ALL THE THINGS in my planner that are work related and not work related. 

So, I got all the things done! That being said, I am also aware that my list was deliberately light. I knew it would be a busy week, and as it turned out, it was far busier than I’d imagined. I feel so happy to have gotten the list done anyhow.

It’s been a bit nutty these 24 hours. First of all, I allowed Miss Butterfly to have a sleep over. With the caveat that I had to be at work this morning, so they needed to not make a bunch of noise. She’s pretty good about that generally so I wasn’t too worried. They’d hoped to put a tent in the living room and sleep there, but I told them they could not, as I needed to be able to have my morning before work, spinning and knitting as needed.

At some point yesterday, Mr. Ink showed me that his finger was a bit red, swollen and painful. Now, this guy never complains. He doesn’t go to the doctor. Even when something is VERY obviously wrong, he won’t go. Later in the evening, he again mentioned that his finger hurt, and I took a look at it. It had gotten more swollen, both joints were swollen. I investigated it for streaking near what seemed to be the infection site, and thankfully saw nothing because I knew that the mental energy I’d have to go through to get him to GO TO A DOCTOR would be pretty overwhelming. I went to bed.

Mr. Ink came to bed later on. At 3 am he got up. He wandered out of the room, he wandered back in the room, he laid down. I kind of just kept trying to sleep. Until he said “My finger REALLY hurts. I am sort of thinking maybe I should go to the ER?”  I said “Well, it seems to me that if someone who doesn’t ever go to the doctor and doesn’t complain of pain is telling me he needs to go to the ER, HE SHOULD GO TO THE ER.” That was all it took, he was back up, dressed, and out the door in no time. He was back home around 5:30 am which I think is really good. With antibiotics, because yes, he had a nasty and quickly spreading infection.

I get up, and look at Miss Butterfly’s open room door. I stick my head in, and immediately get worried because the girls aren’t in there. Then I look in the living room and see that they are asleep on the floor, just like I told them not to be. I asked Mr. Ink, “Did you tell the girls they could sleep in the living room?” “No…why?” is his response. So, I tell him we aren’t making any extra attempts at quiet because I told them to sleep in her bedroom.

We made a big breakfast, I ran the dishwasher, I ran the garbage disposal, I put my shoes on early, we turned on lights, we went about our business as usual. Unfortunately, the girls really did seem to sleep through ALL of that. At one point Mr. Ink sees me drinking coffee and looking at them there in the living room. He says “You seem to be seething in their general direction!” Yes. Yes I was! I couldn’t get over them to get my knitting or spinning, and I was planning on taking photos this morning! So irritated.

All that to tell you that I don’t have new photos. I did start, and got pretty far into a new spinning project using these batts I made earlier this year.


I may not have photos of the singles, but I can tell you that it’s making some really amazing yarn!

For this week:

  • 3 repeats on the tibetan clouds stole. I am REALLY getting eager to finish this one. Also, I am bored with the two spectra scarves, but I don’t want to start anything new.
  • Accomplish all the stuff in my planner.
  • Go on a bike ride. With friends, a bike commute, doesn’t matter. Just, go on a bike ride.
  • School open house, and get all the stuff that belongs in the locker into the locker. (This’ll take a couple bags, not just one book bag.)
  • Get step goals on days that I do not ride bike.

And, on this little sleep, that’s all I can think of right now! So much tossing and turning last night. Today is going to be LONG, but hopefully punctuated by an after work nap.