This Week August 14-20

From last week:

  • 3 repeats on the tibetan clouds stole. I am REALLY getting eager to finish this one. Also, I am bored with the two spectra scarves, but I don’t want to start anything new.
    • So, I did 5 repeats! I have 2.5 left before the edge pattern, and then I am done. It’s slightly possible this could get done before the yarn arrives for my “drop everything and knit” marathon.
  • Accomplish all the stuff in my planner.
    • I did this too, though with varying degrees of success. Despite having done much of it, I have to move some things to the next week to redo.
  • Go on a bike ride. With friends, a bike commute, doesn’t matter. Just, go on a bike ride.
    • Got that one too! It was pretty short, as we were riding with someone new to biking and another one just back on the bike after major abdominal surgery this spring.
  • School open house, and get all the stuff that belongs in the locker into the locker. (This’ll take a couple bags, not just one book bag.)
  • Get step goals on days that I do not ride bike.
    • I am counting this one as well. Basically, there was one day I didn’t quite meet my step goal. But, I had done way more the day before, and I took that into consideration the day after and did way more that day too. Which meant I got more in than I would have had I just taken the time to meet the goal the day I did not. It counts!

In addition to that, the entire house has had a very big deep cleaning. All except for one toilet bowl, as I ran out of toilet bowl cleaner. I do have one last thing to do tonight, I need to wash the kitchen floor.

I also went to the container store, which was awesome. I got a bunch of things that really helped organize our bathroom. I didn’t even get all that I had planned, the storage I did get was so good that I ended up with lots of extra room with just what I did get. I am thrilled! In a month or two, reorganizing the linen closet will be next! For the record, both Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly are thrilled with the reorganization as well.

Mr. Ink went around the house and fixed all the small things that have piled up this spring and summer. You know how it goes. One little thing will break and one might say “I’ll get to that soon” but it falls off the radar, and then another thing breaks, and that goes in the same pile, and so on, until you have quite a lot of work to get done! The only thing not fixed was his bike tire, and that’s likely because I made him go for a bike ride. (He took the bike without a flat.) So truly, this was a wonderful busy weekend full of getting stuff done that was beneficial to all of us!

For this week:

  • Daily step goals
  • One bike ride
  • Work on knitting marathon
  • Get all the stuff in my planner done. (Let me just go add to that now!)
  • Clothing donation. I need to get about 3 very large bags of clothing out of the house.

That’s…about it. I mean, I could probably add to it, but I am EXHAUSTED! Hah!

5 thoughts on “This Week August 14-20

  1. You did so well with the list last week, that I think a shorter, less crazy list this week is well deserved. I am curious about this knitting marathon – what brought it on?

    • I am going to do a sample knit for Rachel at Dyeabolical. Trouble is, it’s a shawl, and she’s hoping to have it back by September 10 I think. And I don’t have the yarn yet. But, I also know me, and I know that I can really bang out a project on a deadline, so I chose the deadline project over anything else. I don’t have the yarn yet, but once it arrives, it’ll be that project and that project only until it’s done.

      • That is a tight turn around, but her yarns are so pretty! Hopefully it won’t be solid lace, and you will be able to do it without too much stress. Can’t wait to see it! Will she let you share in-process, or do you have to hold off until she is ready to release the pattern?

      • Oh, it’s already released, it’s a sample for her trunk shows. So yes, I can share in progress photos. And the best part? It’s another Westknits pattern, so it’ll be good colorful fun along with being fast moving!

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