Big News!

At least it’s big news in our family! Hold on, this’ll be a long post!

Last week, after about a year’s worth of discussion, Mr. Ink and I finally decided we’d start looking for another dog companion. Coco, the 17 year old sweetie, left us 2 years ago and I’ve so missed having him around. One of the caveats to getting a dog was that a new dog would have to be “like Coco.” Of course, it’s hard to identify what that means exactly. And, in the end, we decided a new dog would have to be pretty calm, and good, and sweet. And not a puppy, no way! It MUST like other dogs, as Miss Marja’s Max is super important to us, and we didn’t want to make Max unwelcome in our home. That part is actually different from old Coco who couldn’t care less about other dogs.

So, I came across a dog from a local rescue group, and she looked like just the thing. Her foster mom’s descriptions were very Coco like. I showed her to Mr. Ink, and Mr. Ink immediately said no. Because she was long haired and he didn’t want another long haired dog. I kept pushing, I admit. I mentioned that this dog seemed like Coco. I pushed again. He showed me other dogs. I rejected those dogs. I kept looking at THIS dog, and giggling at her photos. And, I showed him more photos and he’d giggle too. Then I reminded him that unlike his 17 years with Coco, he’d have me to share her care with. And he looked at her photos again and giggled. And then he said “Well, she makes me laugh. And that’s probably the best thing you can ask of a dog. Let’s go for it.”

We filled out the adoption paperwork, got accepted, and met Lizzie on Friday night. We went without Miss Butterfly, because if Lizzie wasn’t our dog, I didn’t want a disappointed kid. As it turns out, she was ABSOLUTELY what we were looking for. Mr. Ink agreed wholeheartedly. So, on Saturday, we had Miss Butterfly’s dad surprise her by bringing her to a meet and greet the rescue was holding. None of us would tell her where we were going ahead of time. She, too, loved ¬†Lizzie and was eager to have her in our home.

Next step was the home visit, which we scheduled for last evening. This rescue asks for a home visit with all family members there. We didn’t really know what this would entail, as there was very little indication on their website. We used it as an excuse to organize and deep clean, something that always makes me happy anyhow. Miss Butterfly even cleaned her room really well. As it turns out, the home visit consisted only of hanging out in the living room, and then signing adoption paperwork and getting our photo taken.


And then, the blue eyed mini aussie shepherd was ours! She’s 7 years old. She’s so Coco like it’s almost uncanny. Except that she’s way more confident. She loves everyone! She’s a wiggly ball of energy, but thus far we haven’t seen her do much in the way of actual playing. She adores other dogs, but if they get overwhelming, she backs right off and finds her humans.

After the foster mom left, we took a long walk together. Then we got home and Mr. Ink cooked dinner. Lizzie Bean was tired, and so she decided to watch him cook while laying on the floor at the entrance of the kitchen.


She then finally settled in the living room for much love and pictures.


She surprised us by being about to jump up on Miss Butterfly’s bed. That bed is really high! But she can make it, and then get right back down. Once Miss Butterfly went to bed, Mr. Ink and I hung out with her quite a bit. Then we went to bed, not quite knowing what the night would bring. I crawled in bed, and Mr. Ink headed to the shower. Lizzie took that opportunity to claim a spot on the bed, and she would not be pushed off. So, I lifted her off the bed, and indicated where I’d like her to sleep. I’d set out a folded puffy comforter with one of Miss Butterfly’s blankets over top. She then took the blanket off using the EXACT same method old Coco used to use.

Lizzie slept really well. I….couldn’t sleep again. TOO much excitement for me! But, I did love seeing her sleep stretched out on her side with her back against the bed frame….just like Coco. I took today off to help her settle in at home. I just couldn’t leave her home alone the first day! So, we were all up for breakfast this morning. Lizzie was right there in the kitchen watching Mr. Ink cook!


I suspect all his cooking will look like this now. But, she doesn’t beg. Not while he’s cooking, and not at the table. We really haven’t got any bad habits to break yet!

It was Miss Butterfly’s first day of 8th grade. Woohoo! So, we walked her to school and met up with friends. And once we left her at school, we took a nice long walk together. Thus far, and awesome day.

So, we got a dog! A 29 pound bundle of fur, the exact size of Coco. It’s uncanny. I am sure at some point I’ll start feeling like this is what Lizzie does, rather than this is what Coco used to do. But today is not that day. We feel like old Coco would have approved.