Day 2 Color Craving

Well, I think this knit is one of those knits where you knit and knit and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, and then bam, you are done. Meaning, I knit during lunch break and I knit at home, and I felt like I really hadn’t made any progress even though I knew I had added 2 yarn over rows. Which makes 3 out of 5 yarn over rows done.


But, then when I compare it to yesterday’s photo, I realize I made stunning progress.


I mean, I went from 15 stripes to 25 stripes, which is great! Today I get to walk Max at lunch, so no knitting for me. And tonight we are out of the house, so this evening’s knitting will also be limited. But then I’ve got the weekend stretching ahead of me! And it’s full of no plans! I mean, no major ones anyhow. Mr. Ink has to work, and he’s going to have to fix the dryer for me too. But, I may get started on the laundry before he’s done at work anyhow, since I’ve discovered the phone line as clothes line to be rather effective.

We took Lizzie Bean out to a pet store last evening to get a few more supplies. I think we are basically set up to have a dog now, anything else is just extras. I set up a vet appointment yesterday to make sure she’s on track for her weight loss. To be honest, we are worried she’s losing too quickly at the moment. She seems quite hungry and already seems thinner than she was. I think we’ve kicked up her activity levels dramatically and we need a little bit of direction taking that into consideration.

Miss Butterfly has really done a great job perfecting her commands, so now she’s trying some more difficult ones. Miss Butterfly is eager to get her to roll over on command, So we are doing that in short bursts. We really have to wear her out first, she’s got so much wiggly energy in that little body, especially when treats and her humans are involved. So, if we can wear her out first, the entire process is a little more productive.

And as for today’s Lizzie picture, I filled her kong in a bit more complicated manner yesterday after work. We had a nice big play session, then I gave it to her. She was totally engrossed, really enjoyed the process.


While we were out, we also got her a pretty serious dental treat, hoping she’d be into it. When we first gave it to her, she carried it off but didn’t eat it. So, it lay on the floor. Then later in the evening, Mr. Ink picked it up to see if she’d done anything at all with it. I said “Maybe we put it in her kennel tomorrow?” He thought that was a good idea, and dropped the treat back on the floor. Then Lizzie was like “Hey, what’s that?!?!” And promptly spent time working on eating it. Ok then! Just needed the right calm time and place.

She’s adjusting better and better all the time. She’s finding her favorite spots in the house to sleep. She’s exploring areas she wouldn’t go in alone. And best of all, she doesn’t need to be all up in my business all the time anymore. She’s always going to be a people dog, but she’s getting comfortable enough to wander off on her own a bit. She didn’t get on the bed last night or this morning, much to my relief. She has a very nice dog bed we bought her, but she couldn’t care less about it. That may change come winter, but at the moment she likes to lay on the hardwood floors. Last night Mr. Ink came in to see her laying on the floor with her head on the dog bed. He’s like “Oh, what a nice $60 pillow we bought you!”

That’s about all from here! We’re looking forward to the weekend for certain. Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Day 2 Color Craving

  1. The shawl is coming along GREAT! So fast, and I love the colors. I know what you mean about projects that go no where and then are suddenly finished. It is always a surprise. 🙂

    Lizzie sounds like she is doing fine, and so fun! I bet come winter she will love her bed, but for now the hardwood floors are cooler. I hope you get good advice from the vet about her food, etc. because you don’t want her to be hungry and develop food issues. Or heavy and have joint problems. She is so lucky to have found you.

  2. I know that feeling of knitting forever and not seeing your progress. I’ve started using a removable stitch marker to show me that I actually am making progress; I put it in on the row I start knitting on during any particular knitting session so I can see, without having to count, how far I’ve gotten. Lizzie sounds like she’s settling in really well and that you all are getting used to having her too!

    • For the record, I’ve been looking on and off for a rescue for about a year. Sometimes it’s a really long wait to get the easier dogs. The tough dogs need love too, but they need it from humans that can really devote that extra time and energy for training. I am not sure I am that person!

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