Color Craving Day 4

I didn’t take a daily photo yesterday morning. Sorry! I had only managed to knit 2 stripes on Friday evening so it was just not worth it. I figured it would be more fun to knock out a good portion of it on Saturday for a post for today. My goal was to get through the stripe part, take a photo, and that would be that.

I worked on it off and on all day, and I did get through the striped portion. But, by the time that happened, it was too dark to take a good photo. I figured I’d get one this morning. But, I also didn’t want it to stall out so I started the third color.

This morning it has been raining. I’ve been up since 6 and knitting on the third color while waiting for the storms to pass so I could get a photo. They finally have, and unfortunately, I am not at a point where I can spread it all out to show off. So, now you get a photo of a bunched up shawl on the needles. But, at least you can see color 3 in there!


Great progress was made yesterday!

Today we are going to go swimming I believe, so I’ll lose half a day to that. And by lose, I mean knitting time. Family time isn’t loss. We were hoping to take Lizzie to the dog park this morning to wear her out before we left to swim. Unfortunately, with all the rain the dog park is a guaranteed muddy mess. So we are tabling that.

Having us home during the day really wore Lizzie Bean out yesterday. She got so tired she even slept through cooking. So, I think we’ll take her on a nice long walk this morning and that should do the trick for the time we are away.

Lizzie has proven herself, again, a skilled alert dog. One of the many odd things about living on a very busy street is the number of times someone’s broke down car ends up in our driveway. When it happens, I generally go out and say hi, and ask if the person needs anything. It’s almost amusing how desperately apologetic people are about being stuck in our driveway, but thus far it’s never happened at a time where we have to get out to go somewhere. If it happens when we need to get into our driveway, we just park out back and walk in. Yesterday’s breakdown was a lovely classic mustang. Silver with two fat blue racing stripes up the hood and over the top. Mr. Ink was not home (otherwise he could have helped) so I went out and said hi, and asked if he needed anything. He says “This is the first time I’ve had it out all year!!! My wife was following behind me so she’ll be around in a moment. We’ll try to get it started.” Well, he couldn’t get it started, so he came up on the front stoop and even before he could ring the bell Lizzie Bean was barking and growling and carrying on. I was really surprised, she’s such a silent dog! Thankfully she hushed right up when she knew I was taking care of it.

This poor guy had to go get jumper cables and fuel, but did manage to get his gorgeous car back on the road without calling a tow. Every time he’d get that engine revved up, Lizzie would carry on. I don’t know how she could tell it was in “our” space, since there’s road noise almost constantly, but she knew!

With that story, here’s two Miss Butterfly and Lizzie photos from the weekend. They are fairly inseparable when Miss Butterfly is home and awake, just as it should be. And Miss Butterfly loves caring for “her” dog.