This Week, August 21-27

Last Week’s List:

  • Daily step goals
    • I am counting this. I missed it on Saturday by 1,000 steps. But made up for that with an extra 4,000 steps yesterday, so it counts.
  • One bike ride
    • I didn’t get this one, but I did go swimming for hours, so that kind of works!
  • Work on knitting marathon
    • It’s been less than a week since I began this, and I am on section 3 out of 4. Or maybe 5 if you count the border and bind off. Any way you look at it, I am rocking it.
  • Get all the stuff in my planner done. (Let me just go add to that now!)
    • Sort of? I mean, I got the stuff that truly counted done. There are a couple bits and bobs that I need to accomplish that got pushed to this week.
  • Clothing donation. I need to get about 3 very large bags of clothing out of the house.
    • They may have wandered around in my car for 4 days, but I did get this done. I do need to make another larger donation soon. Maybe I should add that to the list!

On to the shawl progress update. I finished section 2 yesterday. I worked hard on it, and I admit that the long garter rows were great for really banging out this section. Because I’d been sitting and knitting most of the day, Mr. Ink and I took Lizzie on a very long walk. Then we decided to go swimming in the afternoon, we take a once yearly trip to a local state park that has an aquatic center. We didn’t stay as long as we usually do, we had gone because it was supposed to be in the 90s, but turns out it was only in the low 80s and windy. So, we were frequently kind of chilly. Since we decided to go at the drop of a hat, we couldn’t find Miss Butterfly a friend to go with her. So, she used us as her friends. Which is fine, but a bit tiring. Mr. Ink, at some point, said “I feel like we are Marilla and Matthew, and we just got Anne Shirley.” There were a lot of words. So many words. But also a lot of fun and laughter. I knit on the way to the park and the way back. I knit once we got home. And before the light was over, I had section 2 complete. That was good, because this morning it was pouring and I wouldn’t have been able to get a photo. I did begin section 3 last night, and while I started out not loving knitting the shawl, these sections are exactly the type of knitting I enjoy.


I’ve got this broken out on two needles so that it can sort of be seen, the entire project as it currently stands. I am enjoying adding the yellow in section 3 now, and am already rather eager to complete it so I can see how it all comes together!

Mr. Ink’s obsession with trees has continued. I guess his back was feeling too good, and his hole digging tendencies needed some action, as he added two more trees to our yard. One is looking lovely where the ferns, toad lily, and my brand new jacob’s ladder are:


We’ve been eager to continue filling in that garden bed, so I am quite pleased with how these look.

The next tree is the one he’s been eager to put in on the bank he reworked this year.


I caught him still working on it, but couldn’t resist a photo. It’s really filling in beautifully. There’ll be lots of lovely privacy in my veggie garden in a few years!

This week’s list:

  • Daily step goals
  • One bike commute
  • Finish marathon knitting. I think I can do it! That would be cool!
  • All the planner tasks. ALL OF THEM!
  • Take Lizzie to the dog park. (We tried this weekend but it was way too muddy when we wanted to go!)

I think that’s about it for this week. I am looking at my planner and realizing, much to my relief, it’s a pretty light and comfortable week/weekend for me! Looks like we are settling in to our back to school routine quite nicely.