One Week In

It’s Tuesday, which means that this is the last day of a week worth of knitting on the Color Craving shawl. And, I think I really am achieving marathon status. After all, I have now finished section 3. It took me only 24 hours to finish section 3, and I even went to work during that time period! I feel pretty good about that.

I couldn’t get decent photos, it was late when I finished last evening, and then this morning after overnight storms, it was very wet. So, all I can give you is a poorly lit living room floor photo.


In order to stretch it out that far, I had to use 3 separate circular needles. I am certainly not going to be able to do the last blue section in 24 hours. The rows are really getting long now. Plus, I want to use tomorrow as my bike to work day. And that means I will need to leave the knitting at home. Without that 45 minutes of knitting at lunch, I am sure it cannot be done in a day. That being said, it seems to me like this one may be done this weekend! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!  And then I can finish tibetan clouds too and have a second finish in no time at all!

In home ownership joys type news, on Monday evening I heard the main bathroom toilet running off and on without anyone using it. This happens from time to time, and Mr. Ink generally fixes it. It stays fixed for a couple months, and then I will notice it running again. It’s become a joke actually, when we all hear it running, Mr. Ink will look at me and say “You didn’t hear that!” because he never wants to deal with it.

Well, on Monday night, he ignored it until about 11 pm when we had decided to stop the movie we were relaxing with, and begin getting ready for bed. (Actually, I’d finished up the grey section on the shawl and determined that this was the perfect stopping point, so I refused to watch more movie.) Mr. Ink finally went in to deal with the toilet again, and I crawled in bed. Only to have him say “Well, now I’ve really broken it!” So, we were all relegated to using the master bathroom until he was done with work yesterday.

Yesterday evening he headed to the hardware store to pick up parts for the toilet. Then he used the water shut off valve for the toilet in order to save it from running the entire time he was working on it. Except, it was weird, the shut off valve didn’t actually stop the water. So, I go down to the basement and turn off the water to the entire house. Now Mr. Ink can work on the toilet.

He does so, fixes it up, turns on the water in the basement, goes back to check on the toilet, but now realizes that the shut off valve is leaking. *sigh*  So, I turn off the water to the house again, and Mr. Ink heads back to the hardware store and picks up more parts. He gets back, goes in the bathroom to work on the shut off valve. It seems to be taking awhile, and it’s getting late. And he hasn’t spoken in a long while, and that’s unusual. I can feel that fury is rising over the situation. We haven’t even begun to think about dinner yet. He comes back out of the bathroom holding up the new valve and saying “There’s 30 million to choose from and I got the wrong one.” As he’s stomping back out the door to go to the hardware store for the third time, I say “How about I order us some food?”  He thinks for a moment, and then says “Yeah. That might be good.” He often thinks it’s his “job” to make sure we are fed properly, and will do that at all costs, even when an evening goes totally awry, like it did last night.

So, I went out and got food while he headed to the hardware store again. When I returned, he was back and working on the valve again. As soon as I got back he said “IS THAT THE FOOD?!?!!” And then realized he had no way to wash his hands. I made him some “wet wipes” with a paper towel and bottled water. Once fed, he felt much better about the situation, and everything seemed to go smoothly. Before Miss Butterfly went to bed, the water was turned back on and she was able to go about her evening routine. A busy evening, a bit stressful for Mr. Ink, but it all turned out ok and we are back on track with the house.

I do hope your evening was less stressful than ours!

5 thoughts on “One Week In

  1. Well, at least the shawl is going well! Houses – there is always something. At least he knows HOW to fix those things. I would be calling a plumber, taking a day off from work, cursing when they show up, disappear, return hours later. I think next time, I will just call Mr. Ink. he seems very handy and reliable. And he’s so close – lol!

  2. hahaha, I shouldn’t laugh at poor mr. Ink, but this reminds me how I was installing 2 new valves in our tiny downstairs toilet with my huge 9 months pregnant belly getting in a way…. shawl is looking very nice btw…. 😊

    • Oh my goodness, that sounds miserable. But, looks like you find it a funny story now? That happens so often, we can be so irritated in the moment, and then we can look back on it as the good and amusing story that it is! I CANNOT imagine trying to maneuver around a toilet to replace a valve at 9 months pregnant. Cannot.

      • Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking either…. But it had to be done before the baby comes, and it seemed like the whole world would end if it wasn’t done… hormones are to blame for this one, I guess…..

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