Nearing Finish

As I imagined, I didn’t quite manage to finish the blue section on my shawl. But, I did get through a good portion of it, and I think I’ll be able to finish that section tonight. We do have to mow. But, I didn’t manage to bike to work today, so I’ve got time to work on it at lunchtime.


That blue section on the left side is what I am currently trying to complete today. After that? A grey border and a bind off. So, I think it’s pretty definite that I’ll be able to finish this weekend and get it in the mail on Monday. If the weekend is pretty gentle on me, that means a couple more potential finishes as well. I’ve got half those purple singles left to ply, and I’ve got tibetan clouds ridiculously close to being done. Life is good in the crafting world, and since this current project has been “for hire” Mr. Ink has really tried to make sure I’ve got all the time I want for it. He certainly doesn’t complain when I want crafting time, but because this is a piece for someone else, he actually goes out of his way to keep my schedule clear. It’s fun!

Lizzie continues to show us daily what a joy she is to have around. We noticed that when she began playing, she’d get worn out so easily, having to stop and pant for a good long while before she was able to continue. We do know she probably could lose some weight, and we knew this was probably affecting her play time. But, we’ve now come to the conclusion that being active just hasn’t been a part of her life. We’ve had her for just over a week, and each day she plays more and more. It’s like what she really needed was consistent play time to build endurance. We’ve been trying to keep her very active, which she always seems to enjoy even though it’s a bit hard for her. But on Monday? She officially wore ME out. We played fetch for a long while, we went for a long walk, we played fetch some more. And, every time I’d sit down, she’d bring me her toy and ask for more fetch. Miss Butterfly would take over for a bit, then she’d take Lizzie for another walk, then they’d get back, and Lizzie would bring me her toy. So, then I began throwing it for her again, and Lizzie was so worn out she’d walk to the toy, bring it back, and let me throw again with none of the crazy exuberance she generally shows, as she was just too tired. But, she didn’t want to quit either.

It may be the case that the slightly lazy chill dog we THOUGHT we were going to get is not the dog we got at all. It may actually be a case of getting a dog that needed the correct amount of attention to build her endurance. And she’s certainly getting that now! We have a vet appointment tomorrow to see where we stand on her weight and feeding, and we are all quite eager to figure out a good plan for her increasing energy levels. This is where she’s not at all like Coco. Coco truly did not play. He spent his entire life not playing. Mr. Ink would wish for a dog that would play. Now he’s got one and keeps bringing home new toys to try out on her. I am going to have to make a toy bin for this dog!

That’s about it for here! We’ve been having a very pleasant week!


One thought on “Nearing Finish

  1. the shawl looks so great, I can’t believe how fast you are knitting it! Glad you and Mr. Ink are making time for knitting, lol.

    Lizzie sounds so sweet – good thing you have Miss Butterfly to help wear her out! I can’t wait to hear what the vet says about her general health and weight.

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