Another One Done

When I began Color Craving, I was 23 rows and a bind off away from a finished Tibetan Clouds stole. So naturally, as soon as Color Craving was blocked, I finished it up right quick. I blocked it yesterday and had Miss Butterfly help me get a few photos this morning.

The yarn is Dream in Color Jilly I had in stash. The Tibetan Clouds pattern is full of errata, so if you choose this pattern, be sure to check it thoroughly. I did not add beads to this one, figuring the gorgeous medallion in the middle and the nupps would be decoration enough. I feel that they indeed were.

This really is an absolutely stunning stole, and despite how complicated it was, and how long it took me to finish, I am very pleased I worked on it. This one has been 4 months on the needles, though I did take many breaks during the process.

What else? Well, As soon as Tibetan Clouds was finished and blocked, I pulled out my wheel as I had a batch of purple singles left to ply. Another almost finished project halted by Color Craving. This was the first time Lizzie had seen me work on the wheel. Now, Lizzie is certainly “my” dog, and she likes to have access to me at any particular time. The wheel was a bit strange for her, and she’d back away from it. By this morning though?


Yeah, not afraid. One paw on a treadle, full up in my business as usual. I was plying, so I had my singles on the floor between my feet. I suspect that if I am just spinning, she’ll plant herself between my feet, as that is her favorite place to sit.

The garden is gorgeous as ever, it’s been really loving the milder weather and sometimes rain we are currently experiencing. Both roses in the front are amazing, blooming like mad. I told Mr. Ink it’s time to start thinking about a deeply saturated red rose and he quickly agreed. While roses can be a bit of a pain to get established, and annoying for their thorns, the fact that they truly will bloom all summer long has them a bit of a priority for us both now.

The hibiscus is beautiful this year, Mr. Ink made me come out and get a picture of another bloom.


So pretty!

That’s about it from here, but I did finish that handspun, it’s drying right now. So, that’ll be tomorrow’s blog post. After that, who knows?

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