Now the Hanspun Finish

So, I was working on those purple batts before the Color Craving yarn arrived. I’d spun all the singles, and had plied half of them. But, that half sat on the wheel with the other half of the singles still on the lazy kate, until Color Craving and Tibetan Clouds was done.

Then, in short order, I finished the plying. I washed the yarn yesterday, hung it outside to dry, and then we all went off to buy new living room furniture. (WOOT!!!!)


Once back home after many hours away (furniture choosing is QUITE a marathon) the yarn was dry, so I got my photo! This is 972 yards of 2 ply fingering weight yarn.

And now my crafting is mostly at a standstill. I have pulled out a braid of wool top to put on the wheel, but I wasn’t so inspired to get started. I ended up spending a lot of time not knitting, and when I did knit, I worked on one of the in progress spectra scarves. What do I have here at work today to knit? The other in progress spectra scarf. I think I’ll keep at these until I get my hands on the yarn for Miss Marja’s new project.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, we picked out new furniture yesterday. Actually, I’d picked out furniture a couple months ago. But, once I showed it to Mr. Ink, and he realized we could have ANY fabric out of all the fabrics for that collection, his indecision kicked in. We spent hours, all 3 of us, going through fabric collections, making combinations, and making furniture choices. It was actually quite fun. In the end, we got the sofa and the chair that I wanted, but we completely changed up the color/pattern I’d chosen. The second chair I’d picked out was switched out with a simple and fairly non recliner looking recliner that matched well enough, in a matching fabric. Now, my living room colors since before Miss Butterfly have been olive greens and burgundy, which was quite a popular color at the time. I’ve tired of it quite a lot, but what I had chosen new would still go with our very nice living room rug, even though it would have been a departure from the burgundy/olive green. But, what we ended up with was grey and yellow! Honestly? I liked the grey and yellow pattern right from the start, but hadn’t been paying attention that I could get it on the style I wanted.

So, out of all the various patterns which we deliberated over for long periods of time, we ended up, both of us, thinking that the grey and yellow would look quite nice and be a nice departure from what we have. We had to special order it, so it won’t be in for a few weeks. When our sales person went to put our order in, she mentioned it would take awhile so we marched over to the area rug section with our fabric swatches and spent another hour over there deliberating over that. We got quite creative with various choices, but in the end we were already on decision overload, and so we wrote down our 3 top choices and decided to wait on a rug until after the furniture arrived and was in the house. After all, our real reasoning for having such a large area rug now was for the old dog Coco, who could barely walk on the hardwood floors. We….don’t have that problem now.

Since the current rug is actually such a nice piece, I think we’ll keep it and move it into either my craft room or our bedroom. I am leaning toward the bedroom to be honest. Since our bedroom theme seems to be “all the colors” really anything at all will work. And, the rug I have in there now is a purple thing I got on the cheap as a floor sample, again, for old Coco. It sheds terribly, and when we vacuum in there, which is frequently, it fills the vacuum with purple shedding, and no matter how often we vacuum over the years, it never does get better.

In any case, that was our half a day adventure yesterday. Once home I mostly relaxed and played with Lizzie until she was exhausted, and Mr. Ink worked in the yard. We have some upcoming vacation, and he’s marking out his projects for that time off. Big things will again be happening in the yard!

One last Lizzie story. She was so tired last evening, as we have kept her as active as she needs to be. She’s a very licky dog. Mr. Ink and I refuse to let her lick us, but Miss Butterfly often allows it. Lizzie was absolutely conked out on the living room floor for awhile, while Miss Butterfly and I watched one of her shows. Then, at some point Lizzie opened her eyes, spotted Miss Butterfly’s knee hanging off the end of the couch, and wobbles over there half asleep. Then falls asleep licking that exposed knee. Hilarious.


She kept falling toward the floor with her tongue still trying to lick that knee. She’s such a goofy thing, and always brightening our lives!

2 thoughts on “Now the Hanspun Finish

  1. isn’t furniture shopping so complicated???? I think you are smart doing it all at once. We started with a couch. Several years later, two chairs, in a print I adore, but A. isn’t so sure about. Doesn’t really matter as it is all covered up with sheets to keep the black cat hair off. This year we added a recliner (that also hardly looks like one) to the mix, and I had a tough time with the fabric choices, given what we already have. I finally went with solid blue. We have no rugs in the house (well, on small one up in the loft that we never see) but I keep thinking about rugs for the living room, and then casting the thought aside because of the whole how-big-what-color thing. πŸ™‚ But they have such amazing colors and patterns these days!

    I am not surprised that yellow features in your final choice! πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see it!

    The yarn looks wonderful and Lizzie is awfully cute loving Miss Butterfly. πŸ™‚

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