Just a Dog

I’ve got no other photos except for Lizzie Bean.


From this morning where she was impolite, jumping up on my lap, on my knitting, with her cold wet paws without even asking! But who can resist this cutie anyhow? Actually, she’s been getting far more bold the past two days. I also think she might be losing weight, because she can jump a lot further than she used to be able to. Yesterday Mr. Ink came home and sat down, and she jumped right up on his lap without prompting. This is highly unusual, as she tends to be the most skeptical of him out of all of us. He was VERY pleased.

We need to get to work on her fur this weekend, Mr. Ink and I. The fur between her pads is growing back quickly, only 3 weeks after her professional grooming. It’s making her slip and fall on the hardwood floors.

I didn’t get any more batts done last evening. Miss Butterfly had show choir auditions, then we had a bunch of house chores we’d been neglecting, and then Mr. Ink and I went out shopping to find a bathrobe so I can easily take Lizzie out in the backyard in the morning since she’s so uninterested in staying in the bedroom once I leave for my morning shower. Trial run of new routine worked just fine this morning, and everyone seems more happy with the arrangement. Though when I went in to wake up Mr. Ink, he said “The dog wasn’t in here, but I dreamed she was on the bed and it woke me up anyhow!” I was like yeah, I can’t really help you with that!

Anyhow, that’s about it from here. But, I can say that one of those spectra scarves is a few rows away from completion! I didn’t realize I was that close, but I can assure you that being done with one of them will be wonderful. The other one is about halfway completed, but it sits at work for my lunchtime knitting so it can go as slow or as fast as it goes. One more project off the needles before I even get started on Miss Marja’s next handknit!