Spectra #1

I had hoped to bike to work today, but as usual, life got in the way of that. Miss Butterfly broke a bracket on her braces, and I ended up staying home to see if I could get her an emergency appointment. Now, our orthodontist, who I am very happy with, is just a small mom and pop shop. He is the orthodontist, his wife is the receptionist. Payments are in cash/check, there’s no computer, invoices are handwritten. There’s no web presence. Wife generally answers the line even on their days off, they don’t even use an answering service. Usually they are open at 7:30 a.m. but I was unable to reach them. So, I am wondering if perhaps they decided on a long weekend, which would probably be well deserved. If that’s the case, no big deal, but I am still hoping to get her in today and get the wire poking in her cheek resolved.

As such, I had time to get a couple finished object photos of the spectra scarf.

It turned out really nice! I like the contrasting colors together. I like how the peach/pink is rather tonal, running from very light to dark rather gently. It turned out quite nice! Sadly, I didn’t have enough of the green to actually get as many repeats out of it as the pattern calls for. However, I think the way it drapes will make it a pretty nice scarf anyhow. The green is dyeabolical’s strong arm skinny, and the peach is handspun Miss Marja gave me.

I am more than halfway through the second spectra scarf now. I’ll be putting it on the back burner once I get my hands on Marja’s handspun, but it’s been fun to keep plugging away at it, knowing that means a faster finish in the end. Though I am very surprised at my resolve to not start yet another knit!

That’s about it from here. I told Mr. Ink we’d be trimming Lizzie’s paw hair and weighing her and so on this evening. He told Lizzie “Oh! You are getting a spa day tonight!”

We finally picked up some no sodium green beans to add to her meals. This morning was the first attempt. It was pretty funny, she picked out all the green beans and threw them on the floor in order to eat her kibble. But, she must have been hungry enough, because she followed up the kibble by eating all the green beans she’d put on the floor. In other news, those wonderful vinyl tiles are amazing when you have a sloppy dog!

That’s about it from here, I’ll see if I can get some spinning pictures up tomorrow. Have a great Friday!

2 thoughts on “Spectra #1

  1. I love that scarf! What a great way to show off a couple of brilliant colors. I can’t tell how big it is, but it looks like it would wrap around shoulders and neck nicely and keep the chill away.

    And you will get another one soon – wow!

    As for Miss Lizzie, I hope she enjoys the spa day, lol. Good she will eat green beans, even if they have to be on the floor first. 🙂

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