Oh Saturday, how I love you!

We took it fairly easy around our place yesterday. I got a load of stuff out of the basement and donated it. I went to petco for treats and another toy. That’s the extent of my out of the house chores. Other than that, I played with Lizzie, took her on a couple walks, got laundry done, that type of thing.

Miss Marja and Max joined us for a bit, and she dropped off yarn for a project we talked about before she even spun up the yarn. She had a bunch of gorgeous inglenook batts, and wasn’t sure what to do with them. She also found out that I had purchased the Lamina Wrap pattern, but hadn’t yet found a suitable yarn choice for it. Then we discussed her batts, and decided that she could have a Lamina wrap out of her own handspun.

She took two or three of the most similar colored green batts and spun them all up together for the main color, the color that separates all the other different colors. Then, she just spun up all the batts into separate skeins.


You can see the green at the top, the larger skein. And then all the different colors that will go into this project. Aren’t they gorgeous? So fun! I spent a bunch of time last evening getting them wound into balls, and then got started.

I wasn’t sure if I’d add colors randomly, or choose a color progression. In the end, I made a color wheel out of all the different colors, sorting them until I liked how they progressed. I’ll just work my way around that circle until I run out of the green separation yarn.

Now, the other thing is that the wrap is very wide, and I’ve done another one of Ambah O’Brien’s wraps for Miss Marja, and it was just almost too wide for her to wear comfortably. So, I left out a bunch of repeats, making it more scarf like. Actually, I began it, decided that it was still too wide after the first lace pattern was done, ripped it out, removed another two repeats, and restarted. I think I am happy with the width now.


There’s my start! I think it’s gorgeous, and I absolutely love how the lace pattern makes the separation color all wavy.

Looks like I won’t get my second bike ride in this week. But, that’s only because I am taking Miss Butterfly and her friend swimming! It’s supposed to be warm today, and it’s probably the last weekend for it, so we are really excited! I am going to take my knitting as well, because there should be large amounts of time the girls aren’t bugging me to be in the water with them. In any case, it’s good exercise, so I think it can be considered a good substitute for the bike ride.

And now, it’s time for me to take Lizzie Bean for a walk. She needs to stop sleeping her day away. Being home and wearing her out is awesome for sleep for us overnight!