This Week September 4-10

Last week:

  • Daily step goals
    • Rocked that one big time!
  • A bike ride with friends and a bike commute, or two bike rides with friends.
    • Half done, got the bike ride with friends, and then took Miss Butterfly and her friend swimming yesterday.
  • Work with Miss Butterfly on her room, and reducing the “slime situation” in the house. Things are getting out of hand with the slime fad in our home and I have reached a limit.
    • There’s no more slime in the house. The worst of it was thrown out, and then the remainder secretively moved to the neighbor’s house. Miss Butterfly orchestrated that, and it seems like it’s working well as it hasn’t come back.
  • Measure rooms for moving the large area rug.
    • Looks like the only option for the large area rug is the bedroom, which is fine!
  • Work on cleaning out basement.
  • Get a load to donate out of the basement.
    • One load into the car and donated. But, that’s the extent of cleaning in the basement that was done!
  • Make batts.

We went swimming yesterday as I had promised the girls. I brought a picnic lunch. We had a good time, but were only there from about noon to 3:30. Usually we are there quite a bit later. After we ate, early, the girls decided they were quite tired and wanted to go home. Having had plenty of sun myself, I agreed. As it turns out? Both girls were sneezing, blowing their noses, and had sore throats. Who knows if it’s allergies or the beginning of a cold, but once I saw that I realized why they felt so tired.

I did get a bit of knitting on the second spectra done while we were at the waterpark. I basically spent the day in the pool until I got cold, knit until I got too hot, went back in the pool until I got cold. It was a pretty decent cycle.

Since we returned early though, I was able to finish the singles on my spinning project.


So, I got down to the business of plying this morning. I am not far, as we’ve got mowing and walk taking and so on to do. But, it’s a good start and I hope to finish up today or tomorrow.


This combo is turning out quite a bit lighter than I expected! It’s very pretty and I look forward to having a color that’s kind of unusual for me in my stash.

Tonight we are taking Lizzie to the local botanical gardens as it’s the one night a month that dogs can be there. It’ll be interesting, as she’s pretty distracted by other dogs, but we love our botanical gardens so I am really looking forward to it.

In a quick what’s new with Lizzie update, she’s begun to be able to catch her toys midair during a game of fetch, if she can catch up with the toy as it’s being thrown. That’s really quite amazing, her aussie shepherd tendencies continue to improve and shine a bit brighter the more energy and stamina she gets. And that REALLY puts to rest the idea that her weird eye interferes with her eyesight. Though she does still knock into walls or the dishwasher or the screen from time to time. I think this is more her oafishness, so full of energy it can barely be contained so she expends it without looking and suddenly she’s running into things.

This upcoming week:

  • Daily step goals
  • Finish current spinning project
  • Make another set of batts
  • Get some cleaning done.
  • One bike commute or a bike ride with friends.

I am leaving it there for now. This week involves quite a lot of social events in the evenings as well as workplace drama and extra mental energy needed for that. So, I think this will stay a simpler week.

Happy Labor Day, I hope you are having a day of rest if it’s a day off for you!