I got my spinning done! This is dyeabolical yarn’s 10th anniversary colorway, and it is STUNNING! I love it. I got 350 yards out of this 4 ounces, in a fingeringweight 2 ply. I did a fractal spin on this, and I think it’s just so pretty!


We had a birthday gathering to go to last evening, so I really didn’t do much crafty stuff except for washing and hanging to dry the above skein of handspun. And I only got a few rows knitting in this morning before work. Tonight isn’t looking good for crafting either. Busy week so far!

On Monday evening, we took Lizzie Bean to the local botanical gardens for their monthly dog walk. Once a month during the summer they open the garden to leashed dogs, which is awesome.


Lizzie absolutely loved it. She much preferred this experience over the dog park. I think, in part, because the other dogs were leashed. She felt like she could investigate them without them totally getting in her space.

Lizzie knew something was up Monday afternoon when both Mr. Ink and I put on our shoes and didn’t put her in the kennel. This began an unmatched load of excitement. There was running through every room of the house, jumping as high as my shoulder, jumping in the air and spinning in circles, just so much excitement. So cute! And so much laughter for us. Thankfully she settled just fine in the car. We did so much walking in the gardens, she got sick of other dogs after a time, but she wasn’t sick of walking at all, she could have continued. Her endurance is so much improved from when we got her only 3 weeks ago!

In other news, while she’s only lost half a pound so far, I’ve had to adjust her collar twice in 3 weeks. I told Mr. Ink last night I couldn’t understand it. How could she be losing so much size but not that much weight? He said “Same as with people, she’s losing fat but gaining muscle.” Oh. Right, of course! While she’s still a very floofy dog, you can really feel the difference on her body, it’s quite remarkable.


And for one last Lizzie photo, this is her demonstration on how to use a dog bed, according to her. She really doesn’t use it. Except as a head rest. Also, note how she loves the hardwood floor. I can only imagine it’s because of all the fur, but it’s her first choice in where to sleep. We’ll see once it gets colder if she changes her behavior.

That’s it from here! I can’t wait to show off the current knitting project, but I am trying to get a full set of colors knit on it before I take a photo. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Handspun

  1. That handspun came out amazing, gorgeous. Lizzie is adjusting to your family so well! I love mr Inks shirt and that he will wear something other than blue or brown or black or gray. The Man in my life prefers to keep his colors on his cycling jerseys. I wish he’d branch out!

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