Project Update

The Lamina scarf is coming along so beautifully! I’ve got all the colors in there at least once now, which is what I was waiting for in order to show it off again.


It’s stunning! The colors are so beautiful, and the pattern is going to pop so well once blocked! I love the undulating green garter rows, and the bright pops of color are so fun!

This week has been exhausting, despite the fact it’s a short week! Work has gone completely pear shaped, but probably in a way that will be good for us all, long term. The trouble is, we are going to have a few months of growing pains before then. It’s been exhausting, I am TIRED, mentally, again. I am going to keep my eye on the light at the end of the tunnel though, and really hope for the best in the upcoming months.

It’s so stressful actually that I think I’ll probably forego weekly lists for a time, until everything straightens out again. I keep looking at my list for this week and stressing out, which is just adding to the overall stress. So, maybe it’s time to back away, absolutely nothing on my blog list has to be done, they are just wants!

But, there’s still a dog keeping me amused! In the last post, I shared a photo of Lizzie Bean sleeping on the floor near her dog bed. The night before last, I snapped another photo. I’d told Lizzie to go to her bed, so she did, and settled down in there in quite a huff. I could hear her saying “You told me to go to bed, I did, but I don’t have to like it!”


But, she ended up sleeping there on and off all night long. I wondered if this was in part because the evenings have been cooler recently. So last night I added a fleece blanket to one side of the dog bed. She would not go NEAR that dog bed all night long! Ok then. I’ve ruined it already. We are back to where we started. Mr. Ink would tell me to stop fussing over her, I am certain. Can’t help it!

We are really looking forward to a weekend after the work day today. And then, only one more week before we have a little at home vacation time! Mr. Ink has his projects planned out, and I am very eager to spend my mornings walking the dog and finding at home projects for myself, even though I haven’t bothered to plan any out.

3 thoughts on “Project Update

  1. I hope the list respite is what you need. I went a little banangrams without my lists. I tried for a few days and it was like giving up something for Lent. As much as it pushes me, it also sets me free. I love lists. This may be an age thing. I hate to go to bed trying to remember things. SO I just write them down. All of the herders at the sheep and wool festival were sooooooo smart. I loved to see them today .

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