Spectra 2.0

My second spectra scarf raced toward a finish quite under the radar. Prior to casting on Marja’s scarf, I had decided not to cast on anything new. So, while Spectra 2.0 had resided at work for lunch breaks, I brought it home over a weekend and that was basically the turning point. The point at which I knew it would be done very soon.

The colors in the first picture are the most accurate on my monitor, though that rich red is really hard to capture. This turned out so nicely! It’s quite soft, the red portion is knit rather loosely to accommodate rather thicker handspun, so it’s also super drapey. I am actually far more pleased with this one than the watermelon colored spectra.

So I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes wondering what else to write about. I guess I got nothing! So, I’ll leave it with showing off some knitting and save anything else for tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!

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