Skewed to the Left

I so rarely knit socks these days. I don’t really need anymore, though sometimes I’ll knit them as gifts or for Mr. Ink. But even then, I knit simple socks. In May though, I cast on a pair of skew socks with dyeabolical’s watercolor stripes. It took me a long time to get even one sock done, but the left sock is now finished, and it’s exactly what I wanted to be knitting yesterday.

This was super fun to knit! And, I have knit the pattern before, though it’s been awhile. So I was extra cautious about making sure I’d done it properly even though it’s kind of a mind game all the way through. My last pair fit beautifully and I wore them until they developed holes in the heels, so I am hoping to get similar use out of these. Though to be honest, they fit a bit tightly. On the other hand, I feel like that happens regularly, and then once I wear them a bit they stretch out. I am hoping that’s the case with this pair as well. I’ll just have to make sure I handwash them no matter what.

Yesterday was blah. On Friday night I got a bit of a stomach bug, and was still suffering from it Saturday morning, but not all day. I didn’t really want to do anything and kept forcing myself to do the things that needed to get done, as well as the things I love. It took me until about 6 pm to realize I might still be feeling not so well, and THAT could have contributed to my inability to get motivated about ANYTHING. So, at that point I quit trying. I spent the whole day trying! What a waste.

Today? We are hoping to take Lizzie swimming. Or at least see if she has interest in the water. However, there’s a storm threatening, and we are hoping it disappears before swim time. But we DO want to get the rain!

Other than that, I think I’ll take an easy day on purpose, and not force myself to do stuff I don’t want to do. Other than the things that must get done, like laundry. I never mind laundry all that much anyhow.