Last Week

Last Week:

  • Daily step goals
  • Finish current spinning project
  • Make another set of batts
    • Nope nope, barely even looked in my craft room.
  • Get some cleaning done.
  • One bike commute or a bike ride with friends.
    • Again nope, this didn’t happen

As I mentioned before, I am not going to keep up with the lists, possibly until the end of October. That being said, it was nice to look over last week and see that I did actually do some stuff despite the fact I felt like absolutely NOTHING had gotten done.

Yesterday we continued in our Lizzie Bean enrichment project. It was dog day at a local pool, they open it up for a couple hours at the end of the season for dogs to go swimming. It was pretty nutty, there were dogs everywhere! We weren’t sure how Lizzie would react to the water, but we figured we would give it a try. We started with the kiddie pool area.


Getting her feet wet, not a big problem! She then spent a lot of time doing a perimeter check, which is what she often does when we go somewhere new. Then we decided to see if we could get her to go in the big pool. Mr. Ink was prepared to ease her into this swimming thing, he had his suit on.

So, he got right into the water to help ease her in. She wasn’t overly impressed, but she gave it a try.

Actual swimming happened! Then, Mr. Ink picked her up and had her try again.


She was not particularly impressed with that. So, we soon finished up in the pool itself, and gave her lots of good dog pats.


Once we took her home, I sprayed her down with a leave in shampoo/conditioner, and then gave her a blow-dry. I’ve heard repeatedly that leaving her coat to dry on its own can cause skin problems, it’s too thick to dry by itself. So, she ended up smelling great and being quite fluffy. And tired.


She slept for a good portion of the remainder of the evening! She also doesn’t hate Mr. Ink now, though we worried about that. In fact, she seems to trust him more. That ended up an interesting end result of swim day.

That’s about it from here. We just have to get through this week and then we’ve got a little vacation time! Quite exciting! We couldn’t be more pleased to hang out around the house together.


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