The Week

Yep, I’ve not been blogging. I don’t think I have any interesting photos, and somehow I feel like that’s the only reason that people will come look at the blog. So what’s the point? But, I am probably off base there.

It’s been an interesting week. A good week overall. A very busy week! This might explain the lack of photos.

On Monday, we played pub trivia with some friends. We tied for first place! And then came in second in sudden death round. But, that still meant a prize, so we were pleased! We also found out that the last time we played, our team name won best team name nationally. So we got a prize for that too. I’ll tell you what, that really made playing all the more fun. We are considering it about a once a month thing if possible.

Tuesday evening I took Miss Butterfly in to get her hair cut. Our stylist of the last 10 years has moved on to do something other than hair, so I let Miss Butterfly be the guinea pig for a new stylist. It went very pleasantly, and I’ll be getting my hair cut next week.

Last evening was a night off, finally. I took Lizzie Bean for a nice long LONG walk, and then did a whole lot of knitting. I even got a short nap in, until the Bean stuck her cold wet nose under my arm for some pets. Mr. Ink was home quite late from work, I sort of wondered where he’d gotten to, or if he’d just had a really good day and had to work late. Upon his arrival, he said “Come look what I got you!!!” That’s when I knew he’d been to a garden center. I walked outside to see that he’d picked up 3 evergreens for me. Ones I’d been looking at regularly at the shop we’ve been frequenting. I was like “What?!” And he said “Well, I figure if you have evergreens you are loving, I should get them for you.” He’d apparently decided that his next project, the firepit area, would now incorporate my evergreen choices. That’s the upcoming project for next week.

I don’t know what we’ll do for Lizzie Enrichment this week, but we are looking into buying a trailer to take her on a camping trip in the near future. Here’s how she feels about it:


Yep, she thinks we’re weirdos! But so is she, and that’s perfect.

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