A New Project

Ever since we moved into this home, I have said I wanted to make macrame plant hangers. In a home such as ours, solidly from the 60s, with paneling we have no intention of getting rid of, it would be perfect. But, I didn’t want big crazy thick macrame, I wanted something a bit thinner and delicate.

Right after we moved in, I purchased some hemp and some beads, with the intention of making plant hangers with it. But, right about that time was when my work began to be crazy and I mostly quit doing new things. I put the beads and the hemp away, and every once in awhile Mr. Ink asks where his macrame plant hangers are, and I tell him very politely to shove it, and we move on.

I finally did it! I made one. This is my first attempt, and I kept it fairly simple. I am sure I could do better next time. But, I like the result here, and I am glad I finally gave it a try.

Isn’t the spider plant in a macrame plant holder against wood paneling just so very PERFECT?! As you can see, I’ve another hook to fill. Actually, this spider plant will go back on that hook and I’ll do a longer one with green hemp next.


Here’s one last vacation picture from last week. I took Lizzie over to visit Miss Marja’s Max while Miss Marja was at work. I wasn’t sure how walking two dogs at once would go, but it actually went quite well. Max was thrilled to see Lizzie at his house, and they seemed to really encourage each other on while walking, at times Max would be bouncing and running next to Lizzie. It was super cute and fun!

That’s about it from here, I’ve mostly just been enjoying knitting loads of stockinette on the vest. The handspun is pretty and while stockinette isn’t that interesting, I feel pretty invested in having a new handknit garment come cooler weather.

6 thoughts on “A New Project

  1. I love those plant hangers! I’ve been thinking of some in a while, but i’d never get around to make, honestly. Perhaps time to peruse on easy or folksy 😉
    So you have a MCM house? wow

    • I have seen them on etsy! I considered buying but really wanted to try them myself. So, I think you’ll have luck finding them if you want to get them.

      Yep-our house was built in ’62, and we purchased from the original owner, which means it really has retained the original charm. When we get around to updating the kitchen, we do plan to keep the theme.

  2. Love the plant hanger! I made a makeshift one a couple of years ago and always intended to make more permanent ones for the porch. Maybe I will get to it this winter with your inspiration!

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