Not too much new to report, but I figured I’d give an update on the firepit/landscaping project as much was done yesterday by Mr. Ink. Plus, I think much will also get done today. So it was worth documenting. When last I showed the project, it looked like this:


We were at the point where Mr. Ink needed more large rocks. He got more rocks, though they are not in place yet. However, the largest amount of progress is on the pit itself.


There’s been even more progress since, another layer of the cement edging was added, since the fire pit itself didn’t fit well enough for Mr. Ink’s contentment. Then dirt was backfilled out from the edge, which served the additional purpose of getting more of the dirt pile out of the driveway. I did have quite a giggle yesterday when Mr. Ink had begun making another pile of top soil, then came inside and said “Look at it! Just look at it! There’s too much dirt in this earth!!!!”

As for my projects, or project as it seems, the handspun vest continues along. I’ve divided for the front and back and am working my way toward a finish now. Much was done yesterday. In fact, we stayed up well past my bedtime watching Cloud Atlas, an absolutely terrible and way too long movie. However, it did help me get quite a lot of knitting knocked out. When Mr. Ink and I finally headed to bed, I said “Well, netflix was right. It said that if we liked The Giver, we’d like Cloud Atlas. We hated The Giver. So it’s only natural we would hate Cloud Atlas.” We were both tired, and this set us to giggling in that way only being overly tired can do.

Of course, despite wanting to sleep in, Miss Lizzie Bean Who Will Not Be Ignored woke us up by jumping on us at 7:15 this morning. She and I went for a nice long walk, and sadly she got stung on the face by a bee. Poor thing howled, and rubbed her face in the grass over and over for awhile. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be swelling so I think we are in the clear.

That’s about it from here! It’s another hot one today, but predicted rain tomorrow and then more autumnal weather is in the forecast. That’s sounding pretty good to us around now!