My Handspun Vest

It’s done! And I really love it. I am wearing it today actually, as I can get away with it, it’s slightly cool.


It really turned out so nicely. I am thrilled with it. And the best part? I was left with 400 yards of this yarn! So, it goes back in stash and I get to enjoy the pleasure of it again.

I’ve been pretty averse to knitting garments lately, so I am really thrilled with how this turned out. Maybe there will be another garment in my future! I do have one more sweater I need to figure out if I will knit or rip.

I was finally able to get a photo of Mr. Ink’s firepit/landscape project. He worked late into the night on Sunday night, into very early Monday morning, because we knew it would rain all day Monday. He wanted to see how much of his driveway dirt pile he could get into the new project before the rain. Turns out, probably 2/3 of it. It did indeed rain all day Monday, and right into Tuesday morning. He’s not sure when the dirt will dry out enough again for him to work with it.


So, the firepit is in. The sand, gravel, and rocks are in at the bottom of the pit. I am not sure if anything else gets done with the pit itself. However, we have a metal firepit insert that will go in that hole when we have a fire. When not in use, the pit will have the container of decorative grasses. Of course, around the pit much more is to be done.

The top ring needs quite a bit more dirt, and then will contain trees/shrubs. And who knows what else. I am unclear still as to how that will look. But, we’ve taken out another large section of my mowing responsibility, so I’ll call it good!

Life continues on at a mad pace, we’ve got parent teacher conferences already tonight. My new employee starts Monday. My hours change for a month. We’ve got tons of things planned this month. It’s kind of nutty, but in a good way I think. I am almost done with Miss Marja’s scarf. Not much of a point in showing it off right now I don’t think, I should be able to show it off completed by this weekend, hopefully. I ordered some yarn for the next westknits mystery shawl that begins Friday. My yarn won’t quite be in by then, but pretty soon after I think. I can’t wait to see what is in store, it’s always weird and wonderful!

And that’s it from here, hope everyone is having a lovely week!

6 thoughts on “My Handspun Vest

  1. I love how the vest came out, those luscious handspun stripes in the nice greens! And you get to wear it already! We haven’t been close to sweater or vest weather – still wearing short sleeves and sandals, in fact. that will change tonight, but only until Sunday. I might have moved to the tropics without realizing it.

    The fire pit area looks like it is going to be lovely – and I think the idea of the potted plant is a great one, to keep it looking good when not in use! I laughed about the reduction in mow-able lawn area. You would let him turn the whole yard into forest, wouldn’t you? 🙂

    • You know, I am not entirely sure I have a choice in the matter, when it comes to the forest! I mean, it’s more like I’ve acclimated to his plan, rather than would let him! The yard does look lovely though. And, with having been in the house and gardens a couple years, at least when he needs fillers or ground cover, he comes to me and asks what he can use that we already have, rather than buying new.

      I would say we are having east coast weather! It’s mid 70s during the day, and mid 50s at night. Just about perfect. After a couple months of 90s, it’s sweater vest weather for sure. And I’ll take it! At least you get a bit more pool time? Because it was a slow pool start this year, wasn’t it?

      • Lol just as he gets no say in fiber acquisition! 😉

        We are having someone else’s weather, and yes, it is great for the pool weather! Several extra weeks. I nearly closed it up before I went to Wisconsin. So glad I didn’t.

        Enjoy wearing the vest, i bet it looks terrific on you.

  2. That vest is just gorgeous. The colors are subtle and will go with so many shirts. I cannot believe the work y’all get finished in the eves. Way to go. I’d put something really stinking easy in the growing pit. With a small dwarf evergreen for winter interest.

    • The grasses will stay in the pot, and those have been ridiculously easy, thankfully. We’ve had them out there all summer, and they haven’t really required much care. Then, when we want to have a fire, we move the grasses and enjoy the pit!

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