Finishing Weekend

I finished Miss Marja’s very long gorgeous scarf! But, it’s soaking and blocking. So that’s not on the list of things I can show off today. Tomorrow maybe, if it doesn’t rain all day.

But I also finished a sock. I guess that’s not truly finishing, I mean, I’ve got a whole other sock to knit. But, because finishing the first sock means you get to try it on and be sure it actually fits as it should, it’s a type of finishing.


This sock fits as it should. Which is to say, it’s a little large. Mr. Ink is going to see his brother and sister in law at the end of October, and I wanted to send a pair of socks out to sister in law. These are most decidedly NOT her colors, but I often make her stuff in pink. There’s a story behind that. She had a dear friend who passed away a few years ago. This friend used to tell her she needed more pink in her life. So despite the fact she doesn’t generally choose pink, when she does choose pink, it reminds her of her friend. Most of her handknits from me contain pink, but not her socks. It was time for pink socks. So, a little large means perfect for sister in law.

I started the second sock last evening, but will not continue much over the weekend, as I’ve got work training in the upcoming weeks that allows for secret under the desk knitting to keep my hands occupied. These socks, on my tiny circs, are perfect for that.

The other big news of the week:


This is…my own office. I’ve been in an absolutely lovely corner back of the room cubicle since 2009. Surrounded by windows on two sides, and very well hidden. Because of our very large work load, we had to hire a new person. Which means we also needed more space. So, I was given my own office. I have yet to figure out if I like it, to be honest. First of all, from my cubicle I could see my favorite coworker in her office, and we could make faces at each other. Especially when people were annoying us. This was sometimes the best part of my work day. Secondly, I have way less desk space in the new office. I am hoping this keeps me from “spreading” as I did at my old desk, where stuff would head behind me and I wouldn’t look at it again for a long time. But it’s hard to tell if that will be the case. Thirdly, now I am right in the middle of the office and people can see me! I’ll have to be more helpful and I will probably be interrupted more often. On to the positives though-I can now play my music and hum along without anyone noticing. During the time in which the conference is being worked on and I need high levels of concentration, I’ll be able to shut the door. We have an open door policy, but for a project like that, I feel certain I’ll be able to alter that.

And, the biggest reason that I am not sure about the new office is that the windows face north. How am I going to keep my geraniums going all winter?!?!

Ah well, things change. And we learn to adjust, or we don’t, and we get left behind. The coworker who took my old spot has made it look great, and I am sure she’ll be quite happy there.


and I get to come home to this goofball every day! She’s hanging out in the yard with me after we mowed, as I needed to cool down and drink some water before heading back in. Lizzie Bean has gotten very good at going outside off leash in the yard. It’s nice, so nice. She’s well under my control with vocal commands now, and sticks to me like glue anyhow. So, heading out to sit on the patio doesn’t mean adjusting a leash while she wanders around my chair. Next? Spinning on the patio with her out there. Soon. I could do it now I think, if I had any interest in spinning at all right now.

Happy Weekend Folks!