And It Pours

Just as I imagined, as soon as Miss Marja’s scarf is dry, outside is wet. It’s pouring this morning with little chance of getting photos. So we’ll have to talk about something else.

Yesterday I woke up, took a long walk with the dog, got some shopping done, got a few chores done, and just as I realized I had a bit of a break and wasn’t sure what I was going to do about knitting, since I didn’t have a project and was waiting on yarn, I noticed that the mail had arrived.

My yarn arrived 2 days early! That was great because I didn’t have to figure out what should tide me over for the next 2 days. I have, again, decided to knit the westknits mystery knit along. I have a hard time resisting those crazy colorful shawls. I knit Doodler and Marled Mystery in the past. They are great for expanding the limits of my comfort zone, and I do end up loving them even though they are never what I would have chosen. My rule in the past has been that I need to have the yarn on hand, rather than purchase new yarn. I broke that rule this time, but with my store credit for doing the shop sample for Dyeabolical Yarns. I figured store credit still counts.


These are the three I chose. But, once I got them in person, I wasn’t sure of my dark color. So, I went into stash and decided to do a little swatching. I started with making my own dyed turquoise the darkest color:


Then, just for an additional experiment, I  tried one of my own hand dyed burgundy.


It was ok, but I didn’t like it as much as the turquoise, so I decided that burgundy could be an accent color. And I got started! I didn’t get very far before I decided I didn’t like knitting the project at all. I think this is because I was trying to work on a new pattern, while also watching a finnish TV show with subtitles. So basically, I wasn’t doing either thing well. Instead of stopping one and doing just the other, I decided what I really needed was to cast on another easier project. Which I did. Except the easier project I chose still requires that I look at a pattern every row. That didn’t help my predicament one bit!

I ended up quite frustrated about the entire thing, took the dog for another walk, did some other stuff around the house, and then went back to the mystery shawl while listening to a podcast. Lo and behold, the pattern was soon memorized and I was able to get back to watching a foreign TV show with subtitles. Phew.

I am still not entirely sure I am loving the mystery knit, but I’ve seen clue one and I think it’s gorgeous. So, I think a bit of powering through is in order. Again, due to the rain, I haven’t got a photo yet.

I am kind of loving today’s rainy day. Mr. Ink is forced inside, and we’ve had a pleasantly slow start to the day. We have an afternoon live show to go to, indoors thankfully, and because it’s NICE and early, we’ll be able to have chili from the crockpot when we get home. Doesn’t that just sound like autumn? Rain, cooler weather, dark earlier, and chili? Perfect.

I begin my altered work hours tomorrow. It’s going to be SO STRANGE really to leave the house after everyone else does! So strange. Thankfully it’s only for a month. I really am a morning person, and I love to be home from work earlier than Mr. Ink. But, during this month, I am hoping to do things like get the dog walked before I leave for work even, so I think there’ll be some enjoyment in the strange hours.

That’s it from my corner of the world! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend as well.



8 thoughts on “And It Pours

    • It’s only for a month, thankfully. I am a morning person and it really does work best for me to get out of the house and let the non morning people carry on in their own way.

  1. I like both versions on the swatch – each has it’s pros and cons, right? I am sure either will make a crazily lovely thing.

    Glad you were able to figure out how to knit it and watch TV! important skill to have.

    As for work hours – Just when you get adjusted, they will change back, lol. It is hard to adjust to new schedules!. I used to work 7:30-6, 4 days a week. That got changed to 7-3:30 5 days a week, and it was HARD to adjust to! Hard to really leave at 3:30, hard to fit all my extra-curricular things into two days, because I don’t seem as productive after 3:30 as I am on Friday mornings, lol. But I have gotten used to it. I hope you find a way to enjoy mornings at home (more knitting time!) and the month flies by. 🙂

    looking forward to all the photos. 🙂

    • So, here’s how first day went. I looked at my watch, freaked out because it was already 2 pm and I didn’t feel like I got much done, then realized I had another hour I hadn’t counted on and relaxed. Today I freaked out because it was 11:30 already and I hadn’t even thought about lunch. But oh yeah, I don’t need to think about lunch because everything is an hour later now.

      • Lol, I can imagine how that went! When I worked until 6, I had lunch at about 1:30 or 2. When I shifted to go home at 3:30, that made no sense, but I wasn’t really hungry at noon. It took a ling time to adjust. But as you are only on this schedule for a month, don’t get too used to it!

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