The Reveal

I finished Miss Marja’s scarf and it’s just stunning!

It’s extremely long, just like she prefers scarves to be. The colors are amazing, though I had nothing to do with that at all. The pattern was absolutely perfect for a bunch of small balls of handspun yarn. The pattern is Ambah O’Brien’s Lamina Wrap, but I removed many of the repeats so that it would be a scarf instead. I had more than enough yarn for a wrap, but too many wraps become unwieldy when what you are really looking for is a scarf.

So, that’s done! I am really pleased with it, it looks just gorgeous and I think it’ll get a lot of wear. It’ll go with so many things!

And that’s all I’ve got for today. New person to get oriented at work today, so that’s quite pleasant but busy. I am hoping to have a nice update on both the fire pit area and the mystery shawl. Happy Monday!

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