It’s day 2 of new coworker, and 2 days before a major grant deadline. Thankfully, new coworker is being trained on some stuff I am not involved with, so I was able to get a grant out the door first thing this morning. Yesterday was so crazy! But in a good way.

In the evening we took Lizzie to the local botanical gardens again for their dog night. It was great, and she loved her time out. Though sometimes I think it’s the car ride she’s really after.

My new work hours seem to have worked out just fine yesterday. Lizzie was a bit confused but she’ll adjust in time. It was odd getting home after Mr. Ink, but that won’t always be the case as he often works late.

It got quite light out before I left for work today, which means I got a photo of Mr. Ink’s work on the fire pit area.


I absolutely love the tree Mr. Ink put in there. I’ll have to get a close up sometime. It’s nice and weird, and I do love weird trees. It’s probably tough to see, but behind the new tree is my funny hemlock mound. Then there are two other small evergreens that are also dark green with lime coloring.

Next thing, if you prefer not to have your speckle and pop mystery shawl spoiled, now’s a great time to end your reading. Picture to hide what comes next.


I’ve knit through the first color, and the fade into the second color. I’ve done only 2 rows of the second color only.

My pops aren’t very poppy, and my speckles aren’t very speckled, because I don’t actually like speckled yarn. My yarn is variegated thus far, but will end in a solid. And my pops are solid. So, the pops will pop with the solid turquoise. It should be an interesting effect. With that, here’s my in progress photo:


Even though it’s a bit strange, I really like it! I think it’ll be a very lovely bright finished shawl, and that works for me.

That’s all from here! I’ll have to take a few more garden photos, Mr. Ink has done a great job with the front retaining wall garden, some more plants have gone in there and it really is lovely.

3 thoughts on “Busy!

  1. that fire pit is SWEET! I hope you get to use it lots this fall.

    I love the shawl, and had to laugh that your pops don’t pop because your speckles aren’t speckled…I think your yarns a re pretty and it looks pretty – love all those colors.

    Yea for work getting done in yard, on needles, and at work!

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