One Week

One week ago I started the speckle and pop mystery knit along. One week ago my yarn arrived. One week ago I spent a ton of time winding all my yarn. One week ago I was swatching and changing my yarn choices. One week ago I was anticipating two upcoming grant submissions and training a new staff during my work week.

It feels so long ago! But, the week, though very long, was also pretty good. Both grants went out the door, one appropriately early and the other with only 15 minutes to spare on the deadline. New staff training went beautifully. So far so good. It’s a great relief. I would get home and crash though, having very little energy left for anything. On Friday, I spent the day mostly not training and trying to catch myself up on my own work. It was madly productive and left me in a good place for this weekend. So all in all, a pretty good week.

It’s been raining for 2.5 days though. The area is under flood watch, though we, up on this hill, aren’t having any issues. Our neighbors have been asking if we are having basement wetness and drainage issues, but we keep telling them no. Mr. Ink fixed our drainage issues by gardening. Or rather, landscaping. We joked at the breakfast table this morning that Mr. Ink tries to fix everything by gardening. Stress at work? Try some gardening. Basement drainage issues? Try some gardening. Electrical problems?  Well…it doesn’t always work but we know he wishes it did.

Speaking of rain, here’s what Lizzie thinks of it.


This is a highly unusual picture. It was storming again last night. She’s not afraid of storms. Since before us, she was an outdoor dog, outdoor stuff isn’t too intimidating. She tends to be afraid of indoor things, like the vacuum cleaner, the iron, door locks…odd things. But, she was so done with the rain. And she’d gotten up on the couch with me and stuffed her nose under the couch pillow. She never gets under anything. Ever. But she was sick of it all.

Clue 1 on the mystery shawl was intense. It was a lot of knitting for a first clue! My hands actually hurt from working so hard to get it completed. I didn’t knit on anything else, and was only able to complete it today because I took it to work a few days this week to work on during my lunch break. If you don’t want clue 1 spoiled, you’ll want to leave off here.


The swatch, again, for hiding purposes.

Guys, I love it. I wasn’t sure I would, but I REALLY do!


It’s a fantastic fade! Really bright, really dramatic, but also fairly well blended! I am so happy with it. Clue two is out, and I’ve looked at it and I think it’s going to be a great and exciting clue. Lots of color blending, with linen stitch, to really showcase these three yarns. I am SUPER excited about it! But, I refuse to get started until I get some chores done today. And those chores have to do with shopping. Blech.

Plus, it means we have to be out in this rain too! Double Blech. But once it is done, I can be in for the rest of the day.

Have a great weekend friends!