Not Linen Stitch

After so much time doing chores and running errands, I was finally able to start working on my mystery shawl clue 2. In looking over the instructions, I assumed that the next section was a linen stitch blending the 3 main colors. This would be pretty logical. I did, however, worry about how tight linen stitch can be and was already anticipating needing to change my needle size.

Except…it’s not linen stitch. I don’t know what stitch it is, but the stitches are slipped at the back of the work, and the pattern rather looks like columns of knit stitches are being woven over and under lines of yarn. That’s not what is happening, the lines of yarn are actually purl bumps. But the effect is quite interesting.

Picture to keep away spoilers.


This clue is quite a bit less knitting, which I am thankful for. I suspect I could even have it done today, which leaves me an entire week for something else!


It’s amazing. The blending is so very pretty! So far, this is my favorite westknits mystery knit! I mean, I adored marled mystery, but more for the process than the finished object. I think this one is really going to be one I love for the finished object as well.

That’s about all I’ve got from here. Miss Butterfly was off to a friend’s house for a birthday sleepover last evening. She decided to “spoil” her friend, she baked two kinds of cookies and made “puppy chow” for her and bought candy. There were 4 girls at the sleepover, so I imagine that things were pretty nutty with all that sugar! And, their evening activity was heading out to a huge area haunted house/grounds. So, spooked teens on sugar. Sounds like I am glad I wasn’t there.

It’s going to be a beautiful day in this heartland, so I think instead of knitting and hanging around on the computer, I’ll go take the dog for a walk. Have a great Sunday!