Guys, what a good week in knitting this has been! I frogged something, I started something, and I finished something!


I finished my pair of skew socks out of dyeabolical’s watercolor stripes yarn. I love them. When I took this photo, I had already worn them all day. I am wearing them again today. I am going to need another pair of skew socks.

Here’s the thing, I had a pair a long time ago.


They were out of noro silk garden sock. I wore them all of the time! I wore them until they developed enough holes they couldn’t be saved. So, I don’t really know why I failed to knit more once these were gone! Now I have more, and I’ll probably treat them exactly the same way.

But, I’d like to get another pair knit in the near future as well. I like the fit of these so much. I like how they stay on my feet so well. I like knitting and knitting and knitting and then suddenly there’s a completed heel with one simple kitchener bind off.

I realized, as I was sitting in a chair near my yarn stash this morning, that I’ve got very little sock yarn left in stash! This is….amazing news. I mean, I’ve worked really hard to knit down my rather extensive yarn stash. Especially the sock yarns, since I don’t knit socks with abandon anymore. For a long time it felt like I was getting absolutely nowhere. Now all of a sudden? I’ve got less than half a cube left. 10 skeins. That’s it! It’s kind of amazing. And really, much of it can be knit into scarves or shawls, it’s not really designated sock yarn anyhow. I even have 3 of those skeins set aside for another striped sweater, if I ever get to it.

It’s now mid October, and I’ve kept up with my knitting more yarn than I spin goal. In fact, I’ve knit more than double what I’ve spun. I feel quite good about that. Over the summer, my stash went from residing in two furniture pieces to one. My fiber stash is super low. I am really enjoying this, the fact that I am moving toward having less and appreciating what I have more. It’s been not just a good week, I think it’s been a good knitting year.